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Jan 27, 2005
This is not a well known casino, but there are several in this group to be aware of:

I wanted to give everyone a heads up concerning a software glitch that they have and seem unwilling to fix or acknowledge.

They offer pretty good sign-up bonuses and I couldn't find anything bad posted abt them here or other places, so I thought I would go in and investigate. Their software is "flash" and you can play the games for free.
After having looked over the excluded games, etc. it seemed War might be the way to go if i wanted to try and clear the bonus. So I read the rules and they seemed to be standard Casino War bonus rules (with a Trafalgar twist).

Went in to "free" mode to play a few hands to see what was what. To my surprise, the first time I had a tie and went to war I tied again. At this point I expected to get paid for my "win" (as per their stated rules, which I have included at the end of my post), but no, it asked if i wanted to go to war again? I did and lost. Their stated rules make it appear to be a 2.3% HA game, but the actual game play makes the HA much closer to a 3% HA.

When I emailed the casino about the obvious problem--they at first sent me an email which made me think they didn't understand English (but i have gotten that from Fortune CS and I know they speak English). When I tried to get further clarification--they just ignored me.

In conclusion, I would stear clear of this group until they fix/acknowledge this problem.

From their website terms:

If you decide to play the "War", you have to add the same amount as your initial bet. Then you and the bank get another card. If your card is equal or higher than the banker's, you get paid 1 to 1 on the last bet.
If your card is lower than the banker's, you loose the battle and your bets.
My last information was that this outfit used B3W software and was owned by Dolce Vita International Ltd out of Luxembourg and the Seychelles (a beautiful group of islands in the Indian Ocean)

I've seen minor hassles with aeroplayer before but they were resolved I think.

B3W can be found here: xhttp://www.b3wgroup.com/clients.html
I noticed the same error recently with War.

Contacted them about the game not working as per the rules and was informed they would consult with the software provider to determine if there was in fact an error.

Have not heard back recently, my emails asking for an update on the situation have gone unanswered, but I just noticed they have taken War offline so they might actually be doing something about it.
From the casino:

Concerning the War Game , B3W is working on it now, it should be back online tomorrow with the modification made, we will also pullout the concerned hands and credit the players with their winnings (it might take a little while to go through them all and then make the adjustments but it will be done for every B3W casinos) .

As for the Video Poker, I will contact Broceliande to check if they received any mails from players complaining about that game at that period of time, if something goes wrong with one player it should be the same for the others unless it is just bad luck.
From the casino:

The "Casino War" bug is now fixed, as I told you we are now pulling out the winnings hands on all B3W casinos (since the game has been online..) and we will be crediting the players accounts within the next few days.

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