I just went to Silver Palms casino and hit bigtime on their slots! I played the wild west ones, started with only 25.00 and cashed out with over 150.00.... That might not be a whole lot to all of you but for someone who is new to online gambling, that is a ton of money to me. I would reccomend them to anyone out there. Nice site, good layout, graphics are good, easy loading and from my experience, a winner everytime!
well done its good to know youre winning I hope you receive your winnings quickly though as this is usually the stumbling block and can be a real downer when you win and have to wait an age for your dosh.

oy Frank whats the gen on silver palms casino we seem to be getting new casinos' mentioned here all the time I've never heard of this one have you?

(for all those who dont know Frank is 96 and visits in person every casino on the web but he steals something from each one as a momento,Frank, first live want there web cam back,island casinos wants there telephone line back and casino-of-the-asylum want dan back
Respect your elders, Lasvegashitmob! Hahaha!
Nope, sorry, heard nothing about this one either... really must get the wheelchair to scan through the net a bit faster!
thanks Brian for this good tip,
i was playing at Silverpalms Casino, i found it listed on Gambling.com under "S" and won 213 $ by the Slots and and little BlackJack.
thanks again Brian


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