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Dec 10, 2004
www.parabolcasino.com I CAN NEVER TAKE MY WINNING OUT???

I won as a new player at this casino last month,after I made the withdrawal,I was told that it was declined because they called me and my phone number was wrong.So I double check with them and after I told them my phone was 2966699,they said they called 2966669.I have no idea how this mistake happend,so I sent them my ID as they requested,but after that,they still refused to pay my winning,and they even refused to call me again,their reason was:their manager had made this decision already.
I think it's really unfair,and it's ridiculous that they even refused to call me again to confirm if there was a mistake.
It's been a mouth,I contacted their online representative several times,but was always told that they had made this decision and can never change this decision.
I really hope someone can help me to get my winning back.
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yuqiuhui said:
I was told that it was declined because they called me and my phone number was wrong.So I double check with them and after I told them my phone was 2966699,they said they called 2966669.

I have no comment on that casino, as I have no experience with it. I'd just like to comment, though, that I think it is tacky for online casinos to call you at home. I have had several call me. wtf? Makes one WANT to give a fake phone number. I think it takes a lot of nerve to call players at home, unsolicited. It's not a stretch to imagine that many players want to remain discreet. I even had some jerk from Golden Palace call me at work one day, right in the middle of something important. Of course, they are the KING of tacky.
Players with similar problems at this new English / Turkish language site have had some success through contacting the software provider Net Entertainment.com. Worth a try?

In the meantime, such an inflexible attitude does not bode well for this outfit.
I did contact net entertaiment

Thanks guys!
Yes, I did contact net entertainment, and was told the casino agreed to pay my deposit back which is 20 euro, but they did not agree to pay my winning.
I think it's unfair as they took my deposit so easily within a minute but it's so hard to take the winning out from the casino.If I lose,I get nothing,but if I win,I still get nothing.Then why I spent hours playing those casino games for?
So (on the basis of the facts presented here) Net Entertainment think it's OK for one of their licensees to decline a winning payout despite the fact that the telephone number screw-up was perpetrated by casino staff? Because a Parabol manager's decision is immutable????

That is a shocking position for a responsible company to take i.m.o.

I am not saying it's all the fault of the casino to make this mistake,actually they believed that telephone number screw-up was perpetrated by me,and I really can't remember if I made any mistake when I filled phone number of the sign-up form.What I want to say is even if I made a mistake by giving them 2966669 instead of 2966699,they can at least give me a call to confirm after I sent all the documents and ID they required.But they just simply refused. :oops:
NET ENTERTAINMENT told me they can talk my situation to the casino,but they can't change their decision.
here is the chatting history with casino online representative:

Ebru: welcome to I Want Help!
Ebru: How may I assist you?
you: hello,my username is liujing,and i have question regarding to my account,they block my account saying that the phone number was incorrect,can you check my account for me?
Ebru: yes. sure
Ebru: it is closed because our management team decided that, the information is incorrect......
you: i explained to them already,you can see that my phone number is 2966699,and they call 2966669,there is a mistake,but they can't take my winning for this mistake,and just don't want to call again,don't you think it's unfair?
Ebru: We can not make comments on their decisions sir
Ebru: They had called the number and the one who answered the phone does not know anything about Parabol Casino
you: it's not right to take the winning away if we win the money,I explained that they called a wrong number and there was a mistake
you: there is a problem,because they took my winning 180$......
you: my phone number is 2966699,not 2966669,i did not mean to make this mistake,why can't they call again to proof?
Ebru: they do not pay, because the information was incorrect
you: i know the information has a little mistake,why can't they correct it,i have all the document they need
you: and you can see the chatting history,they ask me for document,so i sent,but after i sent,they still find this phone number mistake excuse to refuse to pay winning
Ebru: it is not to refuse to pay the winning, but in our site, you can see that, we especially mention that, the information has to be correct
Ebru: I am sorry for the inconvinience
Ebru: But there is nothing I can do about that issue
Parabol Casino dispute

I'm truly sorry that you had a dispute with us at Parabol casino. Firstly let me start by telling I'm Johan Groundstroem the new manager at the casino and have investigated your case. Both Casino management and Casino support have been changed by the owners because of the poor performance. I have many years in the business for several bigger casino operations and you can contact me at manager@parabolcasino.com. I agree that we have done some mistakes in the past and in your case most it's because of poor communication of our staff when the dispute started.

But still I agree to what the support wrote to you when the rules clearly state that proper user information including phone number and zip code needs to be correct. If the user information is not the correct the casino can close your account and redeem the funds. This has also been done promptly after trying to reach you by phone and also by e-mail even when you were online. If you had stated the correct information you would have had your funds promptly. If t's a returning user the money is back within 24 hours.

But I see that after that you have done a lot to get a response from the old management and providing the correct information.

I can only redeem Parabol Casino and say that I personally will see so your money is in your account during the day.

PS: I will be at ICE in London (Casino Exhibition) the 25-27 January if you happen to be there you can look for me and some other management staff that will be there. DS:

Best Regards
Johan Groundstroem
Casino Manager
I hope you do sort out Yuiquihui, Johan because while a casino needs to take sensible precautions, this whole thing with the phone numbers has become ridiculous i.m.o. For a relatively new arrival, Parabol certainly seems to have earned itself some unfortunate publicity - no wonder there's already been a management change.

Perhaps the 'Meister and/or Spearmaster could meet up with you at ICE to establish comms in case of further hassles. In the meantime I would suggest you join the ranks of other casino managers who regularly monitor and participate on this forum in order to better serve the interests of clients.

What previous casinos did you manage btw?
jetset said:
because while a casino needs to take sensible precautions, this whole thing with the phone numbers has become ridiculous i.m.o.

Yes, certainly, "sensible" precautions. I have no problem giving my real phone number, but I can see why some players might not want to give their real numbers. Here in the States, it's still quasi legal and maybe not something you want to do right out in the open. Perhaps you don't want your spouse, family members, or any visitor in your house, to pick up the phone and hear "Hi, this BetterLuckNextTime Casino. Is Paul, the sick gambler of the house at home?"

Like the fact that none of them care about your ID until you cashout, also, none of them care about your correct phone number before accepting your deposit. And if you do win fair and square, but have provided an incorrect phone number, perhaps they should send you your winnings and tell you that if you want to play there anymore you'll need to provide a correct number before there's a next time.

Registering with your correct name, correct address, but WRONG phone number, should not be thought of as an excuse not to pay. Can you imagine a Vegas casino doing this?

Like I said earlier, once I was in an important meeting at work and some jerk from Golden Palace called me on my cell phone offering me a bonus or some crap if I came back. It was a wee bit difficult trying to put him off because I didn't want to discuss this in front of my boss and co-workers and all the while he was going on and on, very pushy, and ultimately downright rude, tacky, and argumentative. I regret ever giving THOSE jerks my real phone number. :(
Just read through this thread and this has got to one of the most outragous excuses not to pay someone ever. I mean the guy enters his phone number incorrectly by ONE digit, a 6 instead of a 9. Im sure we have all made errors when filling out online forms. And it would be obvious to the casino that it was a genuine error if they looked at the origional number and the correct one.

What next.. We cant pay you because live on the planet earth??
** 2cents, nothing more, and here goes.
I understand that it is a hassle, and one feel offended that the casino 'DARE' actually follow through on a T & C. I think Johan had been more than accommodating in this.
It would always be good to double check when you fill out forms online, and then print them for future reference (or at least save a copy to cd/hard disk). I hate giving personal information online, but then, one can never be too careful, and you have a choice to NOT play if certain information is demanded rather than requested. I also think that you guys should have read the first thread on this, and see the reply from the new manager, instead of just giving them more publicity. (Negative or not)
Johan, I will make a point of looking you up at ICE, just to shake the hand of the person who is big enough to admit that 'stuff' happens and you are willing to wipe a few tooshies to make it better and resolve issues. **
the new casino manager

the new casino manager Johan Groundstroem seems like a nice person,I got an email from him as well,I hope he can help to get my winning back.
But as I was trying to log into the casino this morning,my account was still blocked.I will keep on updating any news here.
And one thing for sure: I will NOT deposit any more money or recommend my friend to play at Parabolcasino before I can get my winning back.
I hope the new managerment at Parabolcasino can be different from the old one,and can really help players out.
I got my winning!

I have to say that thank god for casinomeister's forum,and thanks for so many nice people here with BIG HEARTS!
After a whole month,I decided to post my problem here last night,and I got all my winning this afternoon excatly as the new manager Johan Groundstroem promised.
It's lucky to meet the new manager Johan here and to meet so many nice people here.

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