This is the latest casino I've tried. It's
pretty amazing. Completely different from all
the other casinos and very very professional.
Please post if you have tried it.
Also, has anyone tried Casino-on-net. If
you cash in, they leave your money in the bank
forever (in the hope that you'll take it out again) Please post if you have had that experience.
I checked out Galaxiworld, and it is different. The ability to play 3 hands at once is something I havent seen previously. However, it was very slow on my old P100 even with a 56k connection. I don't like Java games.
As to Casino-on-net, I have found them reliable in their payoffs. Wire transfers have been received in 7 days. I believe they have since modified their software, as it has been *very* difficult to win lately!
This was taken from a webpage recommended by The Wizard Of Odds. Here's the URL:
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I have just had this experience at an online casino: I played DEUCES WILD for 70 hours, about 18,000 hands, with these results: (Left hand column = 4 of a kind, no deuces. Right column = the hour of play in which the 4 of a kind appeared)

Three's .... 10,34

Four's ........43,56,58

Five's ........13,22,29,39

Six'es ........25,42,49

Seven's .....8,14,16,31,51,61

Eight's .......1,37,66,71

Nine's ........7,19,32,44,60,64

Ten's .........2,4,46

Jack's .......11,35

Queen .......23,26,51,70

King's ........17,28,54,55,59

Ace's .........5,20,47

2's ............. Not even one 4 of a kind deuces. None, 0, zero, zelch, nothing.

What are the chances that any one 4 of a kind would not appear after 18,000 hands? I would think it more likely to get four of a kind in deuces since I am more inclined to keep those after the first draw. Moreover, it is likely to happen during a series of plays, not the first time a gambler plays.

Why does the above happen? It is very simple. In every Video Poker hand, five cards are delt and five cards are available for draw. A cheating casino will program so that in Deuces Wild no more than three 2's will appear among the ten cards. A four deuce will not appear except under rare chance (about one time in a million.)

This is without a doubt a ripoff casino. Do not play at Galaxi World/Playboy. Otherwise, you risk losing with no chance of even having a little fun in the process.

Other casinos, such as InterCasino Internationale, entice you with Practice Modes that hit a jackpot every hour or so. Then when you play with real money, the winnings stop. Do not play at these casinos.

I know there will be friends and relatives of these casino operators who will send messages saying how great the casinos are and how much they won. But for us poor players who get suckered in, we pay the price and they get rich.

You may say, "What does it matter if a casino rips you off?" Hey, when you buy an item in a store because it's on sale, you raise heck if the store charges full price. Same with casinos. If they say they're going to deal with you honestly, and then cheat you, don't go back Ever.

Play only honest casinos. If online players stick together we can put the crooks out of business.
Yeah, a "fellow" deuces player. I believe you, as I continue to run up against the same thing. So different than the land casinos...and the same goes on and on with the Jokers Wild. I am desperately trying to take your advice...which is "stick" together and "play honest casinos." Uh, just where would that be?? The only "honest" ones I have found...you know, the ones that do HIT at a minimum "Four Deuces" every now and again are the Las Vegas LAND casinos. Yet, these all profess having the same odds...yeah, right!!
Let me know if you have found some for the Wild Card video poker games. Thanks and good luck!
Galaxiworld casino are pissed how do I know??

Just recieved this (and it is NOT my birthday)

Dear Mike,

GalaxiWorld.com Casino would like to take the opportunity to wish you
a "Happy Birthday". Included in this email is an interactive Birthday
card for your enjoyment. Read on for your birthday prize...

Here is a special birthday GIFT for you!

$25 FREE Casino bonus. That's right! As a birthday BONUS $25 will be
applied to your G.Cash account 48 hours after you make your next
purchase. This bonus is redeemable after you've wagered an equal
amount on our 'Play 4 Money' Web site and is yours to keep. So play
today! This promotion is only valid until one week after your birthday.

From all of us at GalaxiWorld.com,

We wish you a happy and prosperous birthday. May all your wishes come

GalaxiWorld.com Team

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