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Feb 16, 2002
Fellow online gaming customers:

I am not the casino. I am just a customer like you. I wish to share my experience because I think the community need to know reputable online casinos too, not just rogues.

I recently visited
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with a $5000 deposit. My experience convinced me that the owner Mr. Ken Campbell really cares about his customers. Put simply, he is an owner with integrity and honesty and deserves a lot of trust. I won and was still treated well. It is clear that unlike rogue casinos, this casino values reputation and trust 1000 times more than than temporary loss.

If you wish to experience this casino, here is their current promotion till end of April:

Any deposit made from $10.00 to $250.00 will be comped 20%. The software provides an automatic
10% deposit for all new customers any additional comped money has to be entered manually.
Any deposit from $250.00 up to $750.00 will be comped 25%. Any deposit from $750.00 and up will be comped 30%. For this promotion players may make as many deposits as desired as long as the rules are followed. Any player who makes there deposit through PayPal will earn an additional 5% added to there account. To receive your comp a player must play the deposit and comp 5x win or lose. A player will not be allowed to withdraw funds until they have reached the required amount of play. This promotion expires on the last day of the month eastern time. Roulette and Baccarat are not allowed to participate in the promotions.

Your visit will be smooth and enjoyable, but just in case you need help, the owner Ken will help you personally.

Let us all give business to trustwhorthy casinos only!


Nice to hear a recommendation and I for one will most certainly go and visit them! Thanks for sharing!
World Gaming software - and do your safety checks on this one before gambling players - the name is familiar from somewhere and this smells like ham in a can to me.
Oh well,

Three months away from the world of online gaming and it seems nothing changed.

Hope all of you regulars are doing OK

Hi Colly!

You're right, nothing has changed!

Cloaked spam? Hmmmm, check out their "listed" phone number at whois. For those of you who don't know, the 555-1212 is directory information.

I guess they have something to hide. Ja oder nein?


WW Processing
Heritage Plaza
Main Street


Administrative Contact:
Administrator, Domain webmaster@wwprocessing.net
Heritage Plaza
Main Street

Technical Contact:
Administrator, Domain webmaster@wwprocessing.net
Heritage Plaza
Main Street

Billing Contact:
Administrator, Domain webmaster@wwprocessing.net
Heritage Plaza
Main Street
And the wwprocessing.net points to this page,
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which has this information in the source code:

>,title<,Future home of a Global Interactive Casino>,/title<,

>,p<,This site is currently under development. Please check back again with us shortly.>,/p<,

Does "Global Interactive Casino" ring any bells?

Good to hear from you again, Colly - where ya been?

Cool detective stuff there 'Meister! I wonder whether the rumours regarding Global Interactive changing to ichance software are true...
World Gaming software with 30% bonus, 5X playthrough and no maximum?

Stay away! It's another non-payer on a suicide run! We already have too many complaints in the queue for this software provider, and until that gets resolved, this is just another black hole! They'll claim the software wasn't set right, blah blah.
From Starnet (now World Gaming)'s Annual Report filed with the SEC:


A Software License Agreement between Global Interactive and Starnet
Systems was entered into on February 19, 2000. Global Interactive of St. Kitts,
West Indies, licensed Starnet Systems' Internet casino software in order to
operate an Internet gaming site. The non-exclusive license covers two casinos
including such games as blackjack, roulette, pai gow poker, video poker and slot
machine, a sportsbook web site, an HTML version of the sportsbook, and a lottery
ticket distribution web site. Starnet Systems was to provide all necessary
computer hardware to run Global Interactive's site. The term of the license is
three years and five months, and it will renew indefinitely for additional one
year terms. During such renewal terms Global Interactive may cancel the license
upon at least 45 days notice prior to the end of such term, and Starnet Systems
may cancel upon at least six months notice. The agreement can also be terminated
if either party becomes insolvent; if Starnet Systems becomes the subject to
serious third party civil or criminal litigation as a result of Global
Interactive's actions; or in the event of breach by either party, the other
party may terminate this agreement. Global Interactive is required to pay to
Starnet Systems a monthly fee of not less than $25,000.

Global Interactive and Ichance have a relationship; this is from iChance's SEC filings:

On January 10, 2001, the Company entered into a one-year Master
Software Development Agreement for the purpose of designing and
developing an Internet gambling software program, sports book system,
compatible e-commerce system, affiliate program and related products.
The total agreed-upon cost of the software is $2,000,000. The Company
has paid a total of $602,500 on the contract through September 30,

On February 3, 2001, the Company entered into a twelve-month
consulting agreement for the development and implementation of the
advertising and marketing campaigns for the Company's internet gaming
software. The consulting fee is $18,000 per month.

During 2001, the Company was named in litigation with Starnet
Communications Canada, Inc., Starnet Systems International, Inc., and
Inphinity Interactive, Inc. (collectively, "Starnet". Starnet filed a
complaint against the Company alleging that the Company wrongfully
procured and induced various of Starnet's previous employees to breach
their contracts with Starnet and that the Company infringed on
Starnet's copyright in certain gaming software. Due to the early stage
of litigation, it is not possible to evaluate the likelihood of an
unfavorable outcome or estimate the extent of potential loss.
Downtown Casino was once owned by a rather flaky guy who was always spamming the boards about how good it all is. The name Jim Palhete seems to ring a bell. Hitmob and he had a word or two with one another, didn't they?

This is from my review of the casino, which was a Starnet operation:

This operation, in my not-so-humble opinion, has got to clean up its act. In addition to the poor payouts, the alleged owner spams message boards under false names with fake messages like, "This is a great place" or "I recommend it 10 fold" and other crap like that. You can tell it's him by his abominable use of the English language and this kind of deception is doing him, his operation and the industry in general, no good at all.

It appears that his English has improved.

I should welcome the spammers here more often. It seems as though their posts give birth to the more interesting threads :)

Dear Mr. Admin,

I am shocked to find so many negative comments. I know who I am and you being the admin know who I am: I am no Jim Palhete. I am just an online gaming customer and what I shared on 4/21 was my experience. It is good to be critical and suspicious when there are rogues around, but maybe there are good online casinos around as well. Hope this comment does not invite more equating me with the casino.


Hi Sming,

I was commenting on gamemasters post and not about you.

Don't be so shocked. Whenever anyone posts any gleaming comments about any casino, these posts are usually scrutinized. Which you would have to agree, makes the discussion more interesting. This is the nature of online gambling forums. This is the way it has always been. People are very leery of shills and happy customers...just the way it is...and I am not doubting that you are just a happy customer since this is what you said you were.

Hi Bryan,

You are exactly accurate about the leery attitude of the general public. I just hope that
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can prove itself with my future visits as well as the visits of other players.



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