www.databetting.com for real??

jiminy cricket

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May 23, 2005
Is anyone familiar with www.databetting.com?

It appears that it is impossible to register with this site via the internet, although you can play games for fun.

I am told that it is possible to play this site's games in clubs in Italy only.

However, looking at some of their game like Le Perla Nera, and Magic-Number, their pay-tables are way to high for the games which are basically video poker with multiplier features.

I was told that these paytables are accurate to the live game, but can only suspect that the results presented in the clubs may in some way be manipulated to keep the house edge.

Is anyone here from Italy and can comment on this?

Does anyone know where these games might be elsewhere available. (If they really do pay the paytables shown, then I want in!).
Other thoughts?
Re: databacker

I dont know about if its offered anywhere else, etc but I do know they are not the only ones, Brandy Casino is doing the such with clubs in Russia
I'd suggest you are taking a big risk with something like this as it stands. There are several things that make me wonder as to its validity.

The site gives no details about payouts, licences or any kind of legislative matters etc that i can see (other than a passing mention to Belize). Very low Google PR, very basic website template and lots of links link via the IP. It was created in Frontpage too which suggests to me its done on a tight budget.

May be a scam, may not, but either way, doesn't inspire confidence. Plus if it was scam, they would probably have high pay tables to attract the gullible punter. More still, if they are artificially high, how are they going to stay in business (without ripping off the punter)?

I'd steer clear until you know more about who's behind it personally Jiminy. No such thing as a free lunch :D


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It's riddled with spelling mistakes - my favourite was the chance to open an "acccount". Oh, and if you decide to go ahead you have to click this:

I have read and I integrally accept the Rule.
Not sure what the Rule is, but at least it's a nice change from all those clauses and sub-clauses :rolleyes: Perhaps one to avoid...

I can understand it's lost something in the translation (with Babel-fish by the looks of it), but that still doesn't explain the final sentence here :D
Call Back:
The service of Call Back is exclusively reserved to the applications of information related to the opening of an account or for payments with credit cards in the case of problems to the interactive service. The I torture it has been being available to her times for the hours 9.30 18.00 (UK).
GrandMaster said:
Jacks or Better pays a whopping 102.09%.

Not much good if you never get the money though :D

Vesuvio: LOL - that last pararaph is the DB's :thumbsup:

Wonder if Jiminy is still reading this ;)
jiminy cricket said:
...(If they really do pay the paytables shown, then I want in!).
Other thoughts?
There are many many other more legit and professionally presented casinos. What assures you that you wouldn't have a problem with these guys? I see nothing that is warm and fuzzy here.

Stick to casinos that have a history of taking care of their players. Do not play at casinos located in Belize (!?).
Thanks for your comments everyone. There appears to be no way to register on databetting through the internet Maybe the site is just a demo. Uungy and GrandMaster found many of the games are paying very high returns. I suppose that if one could register that the real returns would not be the same. :eek:

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