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May 24, 2009
Selling limited number of links on my network of 67 UK, Canadian and European gambling, betting and bingo sites built for my personal SEO needs.
The main features of the network:
- Unique design and content.
- Old established domains, all domain names are related to the theme of the sites.
- Most sites are PR2-PR3-PR4 with many PR1+ inner pages.
- All network is having different C-Classes and/or country based IP adresses (UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Brasil,Holland)
- Sites are not connected to each other which means that it's not detectable as a network
- All sites have a different contact information and private whois , again not detectable as a network
- Outbound link limit (no more than 20 links on home page, and 7 links on inner pages)

Right now I am looking for partners that would like to acquire textual links on my network.
I am offering the following deals:

Separate homepage links prices:
pr0-(20$/3 months,30$/6 months, 45$/year, 100$/permanent),
pr1-(30$/3 months, 45$/6 months, 60$/year, 150$/permanent),
pr2-(40$/3 months, 60$/6 months, 80$/year, 200$/permanent),
pr3-(50$/3 months, 80$/6 months, 120$/year, 300$/permanent),
pr4-(80$/3 months, 120$/6 months, 180$/year, 400$/permanent)

Separate Inner page link prices:
pr0-(14$/3 months, 20$/6 months, 30$/year, 80$/permanent),
pr1-(18$/3 months, 30$/6 months, 45$/year, 100$/permanent),
pr2-(25$/3 months, 40$/6 months, 60$/year, 150$/permanent),
pr3-(35$/3 months, 50$/6 months, 75$/year, 200$/permanent)

My prices for the links are as follows:
SPECIAL PACKAGE #1: "1 link on each homepage" - 67 homepage links each on separate IP (3500$/6 months, 5000$/year, 10000$ permanent)
SPECIAL PACKAGE #2: "1 link on each sub-page" - 67 sub-page links each on separate IP (1750$/6 months, 2500$/year, 5000$ permanent)
SPECIAL PACKAGE #3: "1 article with 2-3 links on each site" - 67 articles on separate IP (2500$/6 months, 3500$/year, 7000$ permanent)

Available payment methods: Paypal, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer (5% discount).

e-mail: max@webmediasources.com
MSN: max_tumpowsky@hotmail.com


Dormant account
May 24, 2009
* Update:

- The network grown to 73 sites.
- Added UK , Canadian, Australian , German, French and Dutch sites
- Good back links added to the sites

Contact me for best price.