WTO hearings positive for Online Gaming


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May 7, 2004
Barbuda and Antiguas internet gaming case against the United States was tabled over two days in Geneva.

Dr. Errol Cort is the Finance Minister of Antigua. He was quoted as saying that "Major trading partners of the United States have seen it fit to join with us in contesting what we have always maintained is a dispute about granting market access,"

Antigua has the backing of Japan, Europe, and China on the issues. These countries are major trading partners of the United States yet have chosen to stand against the US on the matter. The online gaming industry is valued at some US$15.5 billion. The US government introduced the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act earlier this year effectively banning non US government sanctioned online gaming. The impact was
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Yes indeed....there is NO WAY the billion dollar corporations are going to allow Antigua to ignore US copyright laws. Think about this....Microsoft owns washington.....so does 20th century fox....theyre enormous campaign contributors.

When they squawk....washington listens.

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