WTG!!! MG/All Jackpots For being the most consistant in fair play. IMO


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Jun 19, 2009
Okay, I have ranted enough regarding that other gaming software, so now it's time for an upswing.

Throughout the years the one gaming software I have played the most and consistantly has been Microgaming.
Now I am not saying that a player will walk away from every session with a withdrawal, but that the odds of having a withdrawal periodically does happen in a fair and balanced manner.

As witnessed by my screenshots, I do win and fairly frequently. I may have a few or several deposits that sometimes go poof, or nothing materializes, but this is well within a normal range as I see it because it is always and consistantly followed up by a winning session or several winning sessions. Not anything big, but I'm not a big wager player. But The wins and losses seem to be much better balanced in a manner that I feel is fair to not only the casino, but the players as well.

I have had much longer and more enjoyable sessions for my deposits with MG than I ever had with any other type of software and this is what keeps me loyal to a casino.
My favorites that I keep and play is All Jackpots and Vegas Palms, but I still have many others that I can play, but feel no need to jump around to dozens as I am comfortable with these two.

I narrowed where I play down so that I can better track how much I am actually spending and find I get better return with returning to the same casinos.

Yes I have wondered out and tried the others, way to much in my opinion and have only been left with feelings of disgust for having thrown my money away and not finding the same experience I always have with MG.

However, I do feel that if anyone is loyal to a casino, especialy the accredited ones no matter what software it is, stick with them. As I stated in a previous thread, that when a new casino is announced and people go running off to it and posting threads, giving them all this free advertisment and praises and just how many forums does this happen on, the long time accredited casinos are hurt by this. By loss of revenue, loss of old customers, loss of potential new customers, until it spirals into a solid business now standing on shaky ground.

So maybe if answers will never be found from RTG or Rival or whichever, regarding RTP, maybe just for a moment think of what in this decline that we have all played a part in.

I have played MG for many many years and I am very satisfied win or lose because the play in the long or short run has always been balanced.

Please feel free to post your positive opinions about your casino thoughts and experiences and what you have learned over time.

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