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I always see posts where people advise that it is always good to contact live chat or CSR for questions concerning a bonus, but then i see posters say that they were given wrong info and now are having problems with withdrawing :eek2:. This has never happened to me before but what happens then ? What is the best way to find out about a bonus before playing it or claiming it. IMO support should always be knowledgeable about bonuses and casino play. If the agent does not know the answer to a question, then he/she should forward it to the right person.


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This has never happened to me before but what happens then ?
If it's a good casino, they'll admit the error and give you the bonus / withdrawal (EG: 32red case which occurred last year)
If it's a bad casino, they'll admit that the CS was on crack, maybe say they'll fire him and change HIS name from Cindy to Ivonne :lolup:, and deny your winnings (EG: What will probably happen in the Lucky247 case)

The solution would be to:
- Check the e-mail / website from which you're claiming the bonus really carefully - magnify the mailer to 400% if necessary, to see the small print.
- Read the casino's Terms and Conditions, making sure you understand everything regarding that bonus.
- Confirm again with support about the WR and everything else even if you did understand everything written in the terms, to make sure the same terms will apply to the bonus you'd like to take. Ask for references to that specific bonus if any available.

Only play small deposits with bonuses - if you intend to do a $200+ deposit, I'd recommend not to play with a bonus, and ask for a comp instead, at the end of the session.
Better safe than sorry.


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:lolup: CS on crack. I believe a rouge casino would change names to keep from paying a huge amount .


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If they have a rep on here than no dout it be sorted, CS are shit at the best of places, They do not no what bloddy day it is, Not many sites have got good CS that no the bonus score,

So best thing to do s close down chat and reopen it and hope you get a next person or best bet is to send email, I no its not the quesist way but there you have it,