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Jun 5, 2003
Hi. I'd like a little help with WR. Lets say, for example, you join a casino, deposit $50, and receive a $200 bonus. WR are 15X. How's the best way do you get to them? Do you bet $1, $2, $5 en each hand, or what (playing BJ). Also, how do you know if you've reached the WR? Does the cashier tell you something like "you have to wager $3000, you have wagered $2000", or something like that, or how do you keep track of your wagers so you can chash out without problems?

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No, you have to track them your self. Some use a pen and paper or a keno ticket, I personally use a counter like the ones you see a doorman use. As for bet size, if you have the patience, a small bet almost assures you of not losing all of your money while doing the wagering requirements. Once you meet your wagering requirements it is almost universally accepted that you should play some extra amount so as to not be labeled an abuser. You shouldn't have to but this is the current reality.

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I keep a little notebook and label the top of the page with my starting amount, casino name, date, and the amount needed to wager. Then keep track of it with tick marks (if I'm betting like $1.25 vp) or numbers, like 5 if I'm betting $5/hand. Do about 20 sets/line and I know pretty well where I am at a glance. Then if there is any dispute by the casino, you have a record of it that you can refer back to later. And do play beyond the minimum whenever possible. Its also good to lose once in a while if the casino offers regular bonuses.
Does using the double up feature after a win in VP count towards the wagering requirement?

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At Playtech casinos it does count (as does the double-half option), at Microgaming it does not. Not sure about RTG or any others.

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