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Sep 2, 2003
I have a question...how do you find out if you have met the WR at a microgaming casino? Thanks in advance!
To find out how much you have wagered at any microgaming casino you can do 3 things:

1) Email the casino support.
2) Check the "Playcheck" feature within the casino or through their webpage (or your browser, if they don't have a link on their page)
3) Check your loyalty account, if you have one
The easy way

Hi sevin and gluten,

E-mail is ok, so is playcheck.

Keep in mind that playcheck is never up-to-date, takes a few hours to be.

E-mail, well if they respond quick they won't be up-to-date and will quote you what they see and that could be hundreds or thousands of $s off.

Playcheck is ok too if you wait till it's up-to-date, but there's no TOTAL facility... checking your bets ten at a time or so, when you've made like a thousand bets can make your eyes buggy. Why waste your time?

Any reputable casino has a toll-free phone number for CS. All MGs that I know of have them. Give them a call the next day (or at least give it a few hours, not to be mislead by the gap that it takes Playcheck to be updated) and talk to a rep that will tell you how much you have wagered to a dollar.

Thats the easy way imoho. What do you think?


Thatchatch said:
Thats the easy way imoho. What do you think?
I think its a pain in the ass! :(
Its hard to believe the market leader (Microgaming) have such a retarded logging system. One can only assume its deliberately crap to stop bonus abusers having it too easy!
And most other softwares are the same, apart from marvellous Crypto with their one-line-per-game, real time up to date, log screen. :thumbsup:

When I do is literally count every bet I make. The easy way to do this is using coins. I use 4 x 1p & 20 x 5p to represent casino chips, and slide them from A to B according to my bet. When all the coins are at B I note that I have wagered 100, and start again. With slot play, I just note the number of spins x the stake, and tot it up.
It is a ball-ache, but I suppose I should do some work to justify my income! :cool:

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