WPEX my opinion/your opinion?


May 17, 2006
I have recently started playing at WPEX and was wondering what others have thought about the site.
I shall put my opinions in negatives and positives
Software is pretty basic, but functional with none of the fancy options some of the bigger sites have.
Traffic rarely tops 1500, although there are usually quite a few tables going all times of day,( upto 5/10 ) this is down to a high percentage of players multitabling, it is not rare for me to be playing 2 tables with 4 or more of the same players at both.
Only 1 free cashout to neteller every 10 days ( $15 fee if more )
This is my biggest complaint, FAR TOO many disconnects, i am probably getting in the region of 1 or 2 every hour, not since my early days with Pacific have i encountered this many!
I admit that usually i am reconnected within a few seconds, but not always.
I also must say that the last few days this has been alot better for some reason, so i would greatly like to hear others experience of this.
Quite a high percentage of good players, but plenty of bad too.

Could be positive or negative
Very aggressive games, i like this type of game but might not appeal to all....get your boxing gloves out!

Fastest cashouts i have ever had, only 2 so far but both in my neteller in less than 10 minutes.
Fast customer support....making a claim for their " aces never lose " promotion i received my cash in less than 1 hour ( could of been even quicker , i didnt check )
NO RAKE.... what can i say about this....to me this is huge and more than makes up for all the negatives on its own!

To sum up.... not the best software out there but financially it cant be beat, with all the extra promotions and FPP's they must be running at quite a loss on the poker side, although they state it is paying off because of the crossover traffic to their sportsbook/casino.

On a side note if they were to stop USA players the traffic would be extremely poor

As i have said i have not been playing there long so i would like to hear others opinions

I haven't played there, but I think you might have just sold me. (I know it wasn't an advertisement.) 100% rake+fees back is pretty cool, and if they have nearly instant Neteller payouts that's just plain sweet. Thanks for the info!

The disconnection issue is getting a lot better. If you end up losing a pot because of a disconnect contact CS they will refund you the money.

The games are a little tougher than Party but are getting better. Even though there are only 1,000 to 1,500 players there is a good limit selection of games.

They will IMO be around till the bitter end as a result of the WTO decision in their favor. They have proven they will not go down with out a fight.

At full table limit at 1/2 you average about $3. per hour RB. 2/4 is about $6, 3/6 is $10.

Also Aces never lose on friday noon EST to Sat. NOON est. along with weds.

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