Wow! What a forum! I'm new and ready to contribute


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Hi all, I'm Parakeet3 and new to this forum.

I'm a 17 yr seasoned roulette player and this week I'm gonna deposit and try out Black Lotus Casino of BetOnSoft. (that is unless
one of you tells me not to. If you know any dirt on them, I need to hear it)

I'll post my first week's results when I'm done.

I've made a spreadsheet 'bot' that pops up and tells me dozens, columns or lines to wager. It turns into a small "always on top" box up
in the corner of my screen. Because of this, I have to be very careful where I wager. In addition, I play stupid 'dummy bets' while I'm
playing so I don't look too serious.

Talk to you all next week! Parkakeet3


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Just remember one thing... there is no way (and I mean NO WAY) to beat Roulette using any sort of system, with or without software to help.
If you've been playing Roulette 17 years I would have thought you would have either a) Already realised that, or b) Be very rich!

Black Lotus are OK IMHO (I promote their sister casino on my website).

Have fun and be lucky! :thumbsup:
(That is THE only way to win at Roulette!)


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I argue there IS a way to beat online roulette

I thank you for your post and I know you are absolutely right about there being
no way to beat roulette online. But, that is for the average player. I've been
at it so long....

What is requires is constant adjustment. The online roulette software is like
riding a bucking bronco. You have to learn what it takes to stay in the saddle!

So, yes - I have a system that does adjust to each session's play and even lets
me know what I'll be battling on my next visit.

The problem is that it takes WORK to do this. Allot of paper work.

When I mentioned my little bot on my computer, I didn't say how I adjust it
before each play.

I have my degree in International Finance with a minor in statistics. That makes
me a numbers cruncher. I can't explain how I do this in just a couple lines of
text at this forum.

And there are things I've statistically proven about online roulette software
that I can't state in public.

All in all, this forum is great! Parkakeet3;)


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The house edge for a single zero Roulette is 2.70%. That's math! :thumbsup:

"No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn't looking." — Albert Einstein


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I'd say if you start betting on one wheel right now and do nothing but keep betting for the next 17 years, you'd still have an insignificant sample size to be able to predict any kind of winning pattern .... :) but that's just my math opinion....

GL and welcome to the forum.....