wow, REALLY bad policy at ClubGold


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Apr 27, 2009
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The gist: to view the terms of this promotion, you have to deposit FIRST!

Hi there x! Please state your query below and your account manager will be with you shortly.In the meantime , If you deposit with Skrill or Neteller, you receive automatically an extra 10% wagering-free bonus on your deposit on top of the bonus you want to claim!
x: hi, good morning, just looking at the Tuesday bonus
x: and have a question or 2, ty
Nadine: Hi x welcome to Club Gold Casino.
Nadine: No problem, I can help you with that. James
x: ty Nadine
Nadine: What is your question?
x: I'm reading the terms of the Tuesday bonus and wanted to see that I've gotten it right
x: It seems the bonus must be wagered 25 times
Nadine: Can you confirm the name of the bonus you are referring to as we have several running. ;)
x: tuesday gold mine, deposit $50 min, receive 250%
Nadine: That is correct 25X wagering
x: ty
Nadine: Pleasure ;)
x: many of your bonuses, restrict game play of branded or progressive slots
x: however, i dont see that in the terms here
x: it appears all slots apply for 25X WR
x: is this correct?
Nadine: Yes, that is correct.
x: great, ty..and is it Tuesday where you are now? and the code is OCT250
Nadine: No, that is not the goldmine, that is the 250% daily bonus which you can receive twice a day on deposits of 50 or more, that is 30X deposit and bonus and it can not be played on progressive or branded. I think you are confusing the two.
x: oh, ok, because it all came in the same email
x: Then take part in the Tuesday Goldmine tomorrow and get your share of the $5000 Prize pool!$5,000 absolutely free to 10 lucky players who are found playing in the casino!Just log in and play your favourite slots! Full details can be found here.We ar
x: We are also offering 250% match deposit bonus for your deposit of 50 or more!!

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x: where are the terms/link for the 250% bonus, ty
x: and what promotion then, were you referring to that is 25X?
Nadine: That is the goldmine which is a Tuesday promotion and is when someone is selected randomly from the casino.
x: ok, ty
x: where do I find the terms for the 250% on the site?
Nadine: I am looking for you now.
x: ty
Nadine: This bonus is not a bonus that is ongoing through the website but a special promotion that we offer to certain players, therefore when you select this promotion a pop up on the software will appear and you can choose to select it or decline it as it states which games you can play. I hope that answers your question?
x: it does, ty..although, it IS a bit scary for the player, as without a copy of the terms, they don't really have a way to protect themselves
x: wait, I can't read the terms UNTIL I deposit?
x: how am i supposed to review them, and if I dont like them, not deposit
Nadine: I appreciate that and will be sure that I make a note that maybe next time you receive the email, then it should state in that for you instead.
x: I see
x: So, I can't actually read the terms though, UNTIL I deposit?
Nadine: no, you put the code, then you deposit, check the terms and conditions before you make your deposit and then worse case scenario, you can always withdraw your funds again.
x: ya, but that's an awful headache..if I don't agree to the terms, I'd have to wait for the funds to be processed and sent to my bank
x: that's really an awful way to show twrms
x: *terms
x: so I'd have to give you my money, to decide if I want to give you my money? deposit, and if I don't like the terms, I wait to get the money back?
Nadine: You get the terms BEFORE you make your deposit. Most of the bonuses have the terms on the website and in the emails too
x: yes, but the terms ARE NOT in the email OR the website as we've discussed
Nadine: With the bonuses which are NOT written on the website, these give you the option to decline them, just like when buying anything online and a pop up comes up stating your terms and conditions.
x: ok, so when I enter the code, it's telling me I also have to enter the CC and amount and CVV
x: so it wont deposit (take funds off the card) until AFTER the pop-up?
x: and if i click DECLINE, it wont take the 50, correct?
Nadine: No, you are correct, deposit, select bonus, pop up come, decline or choose to accept it then play or withdraw, that is the routine on certain bonuses, the ones on the website have terms and conditions and those via email normally do too. It is your choice on whether you wish to take the bonus or not, if you choose afterwards to select another bonus then we can always add this manually for you to your account. We don't mean to worry you, make your life difficult, we do our best to help which is why it is best to come into chat as you have to ask directly.
x: ok, so I DO have to pay the $50 to see the terms then, and if I don't like the terms, well, the funds are in, and I'd have to withdraw
x: that's a really bad policy :(
Nadine: I am sorry :( it is not normal policy, as soon as the person comes in who sent your email,I will make sure he knows about this conversation, to avoid a scenario like this occurring again. Most of the time, people do know the games and wagering. I am sorry if you feel in the dark a bit :(
x: lol, yeah, well, I've been screwed by casinos (not saying yours), and I've learned, to ALWAYS have and red the terms BEFORE taking a bonus
x: any responsible player would
Nadine: I admire you for that and you do right to do so ;)
x: who signs a contract without reading it first?
x: ty
x: ok, I guess you've answered my questions...I have a final one then
Nadine: phew ;)
Nadine: x
x: are there any bonuses currently where I CAN lay branded and progressives?
Nadine: kiddin
x: lol, hey, honestly, it's better I ask now, then get ticked later,trust me lol
Nadine: Yes, you have your monthly boost which is 100% twice a day on a deposit of 20, wagering is normally 20 but rises to 65x if you play on progressive/premium
x: ouch
Nadine: aye
x: ok, great, ty for your time tonight Nadine


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Jun 5, 2006
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You'd think that there would be terms included if they send you a mail with an offer - to be honest I don't usually read them because I don't play with bonuses at Playtech. I find most of their terms too strict - usually no progressives, possibly that might apply to anything with a dollar ball and definitely no marvel slots and those are the games I usually play at Playtech. Not to mention that wagering applies to D+B and when I do get lucky at Playtech, it usually doesn't last long enough to try to beat WR. :p

That being said, I only really play at a couple of Playtech casinos but they do the same thing, you deposit and if you qualify for a bonus a little box pops up (usually with a link to the terms or sometimes just a blurb with disallowed games and WR) and you can choose to accept or decline it. But if you're only depositing to claim a specific bonus then that doesn't help. IMO if it's a long standing promo then the terms should also somewhere be accessible to view before getting to that point.