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Nov 5, 2001
I think i have noticed 4 people associated with this site.A Steve,a Mary,a Bryan and a T.Manson.

I am not too sure how it all works,but i gather you are all well into this online gambling thing.I take it you have been involved for quite a while,if not from the beginning..

My question is:Would any of you bother get as involved as you are,if you had to start from now?
Hey Amandajm,

Only 4 people? There are nearly 1100 users of this forum (about 80% are lurkers) and it's one of the more highly trafficked gambling forums (and one of the oldest) online. But that's beside the point :D

My answer is both yes and no. No, for the fact that with 20/20 hindsight there are more dishonest casino operators than there are honest ones. I get messages everyday from people complaining about the service they recieve/non-payments/non-responsiveness, etc. It's gotten to the point where I can't keep up with the "evil" casinos, and I don't even have the time to go online and just play some games.

But then yes, because I like helping people solve their problems. And I like webmastering as well. And I like going to conferences and meeting the people (both players and operators) that I've been in contact with over the years.

I meant 4 staff..

I have chosen NO.

I won't be delving too deep into this occupation.

I have taken to playing without bonuses.The rules and regulations regarding bonuses are way too complicated.I get the feeling this industry is bonus driven.The sooner bonuses are banned or atleast simplified,the sooner the crooks from both sides(punter and layer)can be controlled.People i speak to who know nothing of online gambling,generally laugh when i tell them i play for real money on the computer.They think i'm crazy.They say it must be fixed.When i tell them you can struggle to get paid too,i usually get a questioning look from them.(I fear the straight jacket,it looks uncomfortable!)My dad patted my head and said "you'll learn one day dear,you'll learn".Maybe he's right,maybe he's wrong.I do believe his mindset is of the majority though.Very few people i know disagree with him...

Even the forums regarding bonus hunting have gotten out of hand.There must be money to be made from click throughs or whatever because the bickering over stuff that goes on between memmber/boars/casino reps is rather tasty at the moment..

This seems to be the only sane place i can find gambling wise.

Back to the Racing Post for me i think.

(gummy is good for "outing" dodgy tipsters)

Thanks for your reply and for your previous replies also,Mandy.
There ARE a few honest, decent, legitimate
on line casino's. Look at the ones that the
Casinomeister recommends on the main page.
With the "good" ones, you WILL get your money
if you are fortunate enough to win. It does
appear to the "newer" players with all these
postings of problems and "horror stories",
that you could indeed be considered "insane"
to deposit money with on line casino's.
The "reality" is you may be taking a "risk",
but many things in life are a risk.
Stay with the "proven" good casino's, and you
should have a satisfactory experience.
Good Luck to You!!
Dear Mrracetrack.Thankyou for your reply.

I have found a few i trust.I will play at them on and off for ever i suppose.When i say i won't be getting involved,i meant-not "too" involved.I was going to take computer courses and stuff.I have a friend who does websites for people etc.He learnt in 2 years.

Judging by what i've gathered about Golden Palace and thier sudden switch from reputable to rogue,who can you trust?

A selfish question..What do you think?:I have won $1500 at a microgaming firm,"BigFlash Casino"..Do you think i'll get paid?
Most MicroGaming casino's are just fine.
Cash in your winnings, wait a week or so,
and see what the status of your cash in is.
Some casino's require you to fax them specific
information. That is a "standard" proceedure.
Some don't. I have not played at "Flash Casino",
so I don't know the specific requirements they
have. Keep us posted as to your progress with
this. Hopefully, this will be a "positive"
posting. Good Luck!! ;)

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