Would this work?


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Dec 8, 2005
If a casino offered the players a rebate of 25% of their losses once per month (i.e. in a one month period the players net position is $1000 down, then they will receive $250) or if they won 5% on top of their winning once per month (i.e. in a one moth period the players net position is $1000 up, then they will receive an $50).

Could an online casino do this and still be profitable?

Would you put in any restrictions? (For example a very disciplined player could play just one hand a month and would have a huge +ev)

Would it attract players?

Any comments much appreciated

I have seen this.

I have seen this at Vegas Partner Lounge in the past. It was 15% rebate, with caps ranging from 1500 to 3000 per month. They now have a 15% continuing bonus for favoured deposit methods, with 10% and 5% for the less favoured methods; still with the caps of 1500 to 3000.
Although the one hand a month player could manipulate this over time, there is a WR on the bonus and the cashback to prevent this sort of manipulation.
The WR on the 15% bonus is around 10x to 15x D+B, and I believe the games that would allow this to be beaten consistently are excluded anyway.
Occasionally casinos make mistakes in calculating the odds of promotions, and this leads to promotions favouring the player. They combat this by labelling successful players as "advantage" "bonus abusers" and getting rid of them. When the mistake is larger, making labelling of individual players impractical, the promotion is pulled ahead of time and replaced with something better for the casino. These mistakes are the biggest cause of player - casino disputes.

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