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Would really appreciate advice.

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by CC1971, Sep 1, 2010.

    Sep 1, 2010
  1. CC1971

    CC1971 Dormant account

    Property Developer
    Hi all,

    Been a long time occasional reader of these forums. Never had a problem with any online casino I've played at in over ten years of playing - until now!

    There is one casino I've had an account at for nearly 10 years, and I've played pretty much every month during that 10 years. My net losses at this casino add up to nearly £300,000, although I guess this is not overly relevant. I won't name the casino at this point.

    Anyway, I got offered a deposit bonus. It was a "normal" bonus as opposed to a "VIP" bonus which I often get. As such it had higher than my usual wagering requirements. Anyway, I deposited and got my bonus. I lost every penny of the deposit + bonus without clearing the wagering requirements. Now, in all my years of playing this effectively is the end of that bonus - i.e. the wagering requirements are effectively fulfilled as you've lost the bonus + deposit.

    I subsequently made a further deposit, and managed to win a little. When trying to withdraw, I was unable to do so. So I emailed support, to be told that the wagering requirements were not automatically wavered when a bonus was lost and I needed to meet the requirements before I could withdraw. Obviously, I then run bad and lost my winnings + second deposit.

    The amounts involved are relatively small, but again I don't see that as relevant. Am I in the wrong to assume that I should have been able to withdraw whenever I wanted on MY SECOND deposit, that had no bonus attached to it. Nowhere in the T&Cs does it say that subsequent deposits will be subject to wagering requirements (otherwise why the hell would you deposit more - to get no bonus but still have wagering requirements???)

    I'm really not happy about this, out of principle, but would greatly appreciate the thoughts of this community.

  2. Sep 1, 2010
  3. skiny

    skiny Banned User - violation of <a href="http://www.cas

    Doing everyone else's job.
  4. Sep 1, 2010
  5. love2winalot

    love2winalot Dormant account

    Roulette Player
    Philippines/Visiting Las vegas
    Hiya: Maybe somebody else has.....................But I have never heard of any Casino doing this? You are correct, Deposit $100, get $100 bonus. Lose the entire $200....To bad for you.

    Deposit $150, get $0 Bonus, and you can do what even you want to. These are 2 seperate deposits. The only way i think the casino can say what you said they said, "is that you deposited, got a bonus, and had a balance still in play, and deposited again................

    I would just copy/past the T&C, and go back to live chat and ask them to show where it says your second deposit is tied to the first one.
  6. Sep 1, 2010
  7. CC1971

    CC1971 Dormant account

    Property Developer
    I emailed highlighting the following the term "◦You are required to wager an amount equal to 24 times your deposit in wagering requirements before you may withdraw your initial deposit, the bonus credit and any winnings"

    My point is that there was nothing of the initial deposit left, nothing of the bonus credit left and no winnings from the initial deposit/bonus credit. I even made sure I lost every penny of the bonus (I've been minorly burnt before when I had like 20p left of a bonus!!!) so my account was truly zero.

    I mean, why on earth would you make a deposit with no incentive if there are any wagering requirements on it? You just wouldnt, would you???

    I don't like to complain as I hate coming across as a "bad loser" but I really don't think I should have been forced to wager this money!
  8. Sep 2, 2010

    BMWSTACK Ueber Meister

    yes if every penny was lost and balance was 0 your wagering requirment was then zeroed out or should have been.
  10. Sep 2, 2010
  11. all4greed

    all4greed Now we can do business.

    Pacific NW
    Don't deal with support, go directly to management. Report back what he/she/it said.
  12. Sep 2, 2010
  13. weplant

    weplant Meister Member

    own nursery
    napa, ca
    Make sure you did not have even 1cent left in your balance before you made the 2nd no bonus deposit...that happened to me..I had not played at a casino for a bit, made a deposit without realizing there was 3cents in my balance that was tied to a old bonus...Sometimes when you don't have enough to cover that last spin you may make your next deposit without realizing you still had a small amount left over...Just a thought..;)
  14. Sep 2, 2010
  15. CC1971

    CC1971 Dormant account

    Property Developer
    I don't have a contact email for managment, although I'm told my emails are being forwarded to them.

    It was 100% at absolute zero - I made sure of that for this very reason!

    Thanks for the advice so far, I am definitely going to take this further if I don't get a satisfactory response from them.
  16. Sep 2, 2010
  17. Marie2473

    Marie2473 Senior Member

    Some casinos do have wagering requirement that follows on to the next deposit within a certain timeperiod. I do belie that Intercasino has this, correct me if i am wrong!
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  18. Sep 2, 2010
  19. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    Did you look to see if the casino has a rep here at CM? It might be helpful if you told us which casino, then we could go and have a look at their T&Cs.

    I know that with some casinos (like Casino Rewards) I've been able to withdraw without meeting all the wagering on a bonus, and that wagering has been there when I've taken another bonus, but not for bonus free play.

    Had a recent problem at the stellar 32Red, looked like it may have been down to an open bonus round, and while the issue was not resolved, I'm sure if I had been patient over the weekend it would have been. I just played on, since I wasn't really done or looking to withdraw, just noticed I had unexpected wagering.

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