Worst $#!= to Happen to Our Electronics


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My personal 'worst' story:

Work computer. I rue the day I ever spent a dime to buy HP. (I love their printers, but will never buy another HP computer.) Came in to work one morning and the monitor is blank. Computer is dead. That's ok says I. It's still under warranty. Called HP tech, did the usual trouble shooting. It's your hard drive, says he. You'll have to ship it to us. Turn around is (OMG!) 2 weeks. You can't send a refurb in its place? and I'll send this hunk of junk to you? Nope. No choice. Wait on their shipping box, then send it back.

That's all a pain, but... oh well.... at least I have back ups (on floppies -- anyone remember floppies??).

Two weeks later, computer comes back. They sent a refurb. Looked like it had come from a war zone. Badly refurbed. The front panel wouldn't stay attached. (Where's the duct tape?) It booted up. Sometimes. The CD drive wasn't recognized, wouldn't open. That I can live without, just 'Boot up you piece of ---" well... you know.

Came in the next morning, monitor is blank. Computer is dead. Again. Call HP tech support. Again. Diagnosis? Bad motherboard. Bad CD drive. (Side comment: HP made an excellent CD reader/writer, but always put Phillips CD drives into HP desktops. Go figure.) Same scenario as before... another 2 weeks down the drain. (Meantime, I've been handling all transactions, invoices, etc., by hand. It was tax time. What fun. Hope and pray I got half of the crap right so we all don't end up in jail.

3 weeks later, computer comes back. Good condition. The CD drive works, and by crackety, no problem booting up. Yay! Next day, I install my bookkeeping software, set up emails, yadda, yadda... Following day, I dig out my trusty backups. I made backups on Fridays, just like clockwork. After payroll, do a backup.

To shorten this a bit. The newest/freshest backup I had that worked was over 3 months old. More than 15 bad/corrupted diskettes. I was so good about making backups, but failed to try them to make sure they worked! All the corrupted backups were on floppies from a brand new box of disks. The entire box was bad.

Took me another month (with overtime) to get paperwork caught up. :mad:


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I feel your pain.

I worked for a company years ago in the accounting department, assistant to the Controller, which actually meant I got all the mistakes to fix plus my job.

Anyway, our accounting software was in need of updating. This was a manufacturing company so the software was pretty complex. Everything from the plant, shipping, inventory and accounting was all integrated.

Well, guess what. The new software upgrade wouldn't update with the old software. We went 3 months with no accounting except pencils and ledger sheets. What a giant mess!

Of all the women that worked in that front office, there were only 3 of us that had ever had to work with manual accounting. And it was Christmas! And I was salaried so all the OT I worked, never got a dime extra.


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urk....the same thing happened to me with my previous HP computer. I was like one week from my warranty expiring. Although they were pretty easy to get along with, they sent me a new hard drive and then I sent in my old one.

My worst was my old mac, I was going out of town and stayed up late one night to finish this freelance programming job. I got it done and sent the compressed file to my client, turned the computer off and went to bed. Next day got up and turned on the computer....nothing. Bundled the thing up and took it to the shop, the hard drive was gone, wiped. Lost everything including the source code for that job. The tech did some diagnostics, he said the hard drive seemed ok, reformatted it and seemed to all be fine. Took it home, reinstalled all my stuff, got it set up the way I wanted, spent all day on it. Turned off the computer, went to bed, got up and turned it on - dead. :(
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We have had HP brand for years. The one we have now is about 4-5 years old, maybe even 6.

It is an HP Pavilion with Windows Vista. I must say this is the best one we have had so far.

I remember a lot of people having trouble with Windows Vista, so, we were a little worried at the

beginning. But, it has been great to date.