Worst free-spins = Alien Hunter?


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Aug 25, 2004
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I've been trying out Playtech's new Alien Hunter slot and to be honest, found it a bit stingy - the bonus rounds are very hard to hit.

But the worst thing was the free-spin feature.
I played 218 goes & hit the free-spins three times, which sounds quite good; but it only gives 5-spins with no multiplier.
These were my returns:-
30p trigger; won 10p (0.33 x bet)
50p trigger; won 30p (0.60 x bet)
50p trigger; won 34p (0.68 x bet)

I was so impressed with that last one I even took a screenshot! (below)

Ignoring Oktoberfest (which only gives 1 free-spin even if you get 5 scatters :eek2:) has Alien Hunter got the worst free-spin feature on the net...?
Or was I just unlucky?

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Oct 17, 2004
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With only five spins and NO multiplier - I'm not surprised it's rubbish... Any slot can easily go five spins or more without a single hit, so your return is probably about right.

I'm with you though, I wouldn't touch a slot like that... What's the point of including a feature to get all excited about, proving almost pointless when it eventually arrives...


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Aug 1, 2006
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Ouch KK, that is bad. I think that Rival's "Reel Crime" slot has the worst free spin feature. It is like they just threw it in last minute and it is more annoying than anything else and slows down my play. Two dynamites gets you one free spin, pops up a ok button in the middle of the screen that you have to go up and click on. Oh and the bonus round pickem free spins for that game is just terrible also.

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