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Nov 8, 2001
Does anybody know any other casinos that use the same JAVA gaming software as WorldWideVegas.Com?

I think is software vendor is Dot Com Entertainment Group, but I couldn't find anyone else that has the same software.
World Wide Vegas once used the notorious Gambling Software Systems software but changed to DCEG in the wake of the Players Fortune mess if memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately the DCEG software has pretty much the same (Garrinck of Seattle) look and that can be misleading. These are the DCEG casinos I know about - please add to the list if anyone knows of others, as I am pretty sure there are more out there.

BTW after much hype and publicity releases DCEG seems to have gone very quiet lately?

2 Bet Safe Casino & SB

Casino Towers (now dead)

Casino Vegas

International Players Casino & SB

Lucky Dragon (not the plural dragons which is RTG)

Mountain High


Win Big

The last three are in the same Stargate group.

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