Worldmatch Software - suspicious results...


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Mar 15, 2004
in the heart of europe

recently I came across , a casino powered by WORLD MATCH software . They offer a 200EUR 100% sign-up bonus with only 20times bonus wagering requirements.

Deposited 200EUR, Balance 400 EUR. After 800 hands flatbetting at 5 EUR a hand on their Blackjack using basicstrategy (modified for no-peek BJ ) I ended up with a balance of 62.5 EUR i.e. losing 67,5 UNITS !!

The probability of this event is pretty much 5 % so its not VERY unlikely, however, since this was the very first time I`ve played that software and because its a fairly unknown softwareprovide it definitely left a very bad taste in my mouth and evoke my suspicion .

Therefore Id recommend to either stay away from this place or alternatively play there with extraodinary moderate bet sizes....


Casinos using this software (which I think is Italian) usually license through the Malta jurisdiction.

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