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Mar 30, 2004
new york
Anyone ever play in a casino that uses world gaming?
If so, can you tell me about your experience? I've played
in a casino in a sportsbook that uses worldgaming, so
I'm just interested as to other peoples experiences.
Never play there sorry but I'm under the impression that they are not reputable.
By the way why you kill children?
IKilllChildren is a name of a song by the Dead Kennedys.

I've played blackjack and have done pretty good with that software.
It is used in, so I don't think they will stiff me as far
as getting paid goes. Is there supposed to be something wrong with the
software or something? I'm not sure how it matters if the software is fair
even if the people who made it maybe suspect. They don't pay the sportsbook does right? I don't know a ton about it so that is why I am asking.
Much of the problem with World Gaming's reputation occurred some time ago - March 2002 - when it was under a different regime headed by a dweeb called Michael Aymong.

They screwed up bigtime on a major promotion, and ten or eleven of their major licensees (several have faded away since I understand) stiffed scores and possibly hundreds of players. The licensees blamed the promo software, and WG blamed the licensees for not using it properly.

But the players got stiffed and the most they ever retrieved was their deposits.

Despite incessant complaints and urging WG's management at that time did SFA about it and drew massive and thoroughly deserved criticism.

Up to that time WG had a pretty good record for efficient payouts through EFS.

For a variety of reasons WG continued to spiral downward after the big swindle, with changes of leadership, litigation, technical and financial hassles. Eventually they were taken over by Sportingbet to whom they owed a large amount of money and the present CEO Daniel Moran was put in charge. He's been rationalising operations and cutting costs and recent reports suggest that they may have turned the corner, albeit as a much reduced organisation.

I haven't seen any adverse reports from players about them lately.

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