i dont trust them


Dormant account
Feb 28, 2005
a very strange poker room...they give a huge sign up bonus 50$, fine by me,but after playing a while i decide im not gonna try to withdraw anything...
simply the software looks suspicious,i keep on having incredible cards, sometimes i ve the feeling im not playing against humans, and this poker rooms is almost empty...
its just a feeling...
i regret giving them my personal data
does anybodyknow somethin about them??

believe it or not they claim to have an RNG shuffler system hmmmmm after reading this post i got the FREE$50 last night first hand went allin with 9 3 offsuit hit 33999 flop hahahaha..2nd hand dealt 77 flopped 77 4 of a kind eventually got up within 10 mins to $460 but nope it aint fixed im just good :eek2:

ps im gonna cashout when i reach the million but ooops with there wagering requirements that means about 500 years 24/7 play :D

Don't blame the poker room when complaining about a random number generator...

Its the software provider for the network..

I honestly like the one for pokerstars, the microgaming rng is nice and also the one for Dobrosoft.
I am having problems with them. Got the free $50 and did the 500 raked hands. That released $10 in real money. I put in $25 via neteller to withdraw straight away as I was having my doubts about them. Then I saw the terms and conditions stating minimum withdrawal is $50. Couple of days later they changed their terms saying it was now 500 raked hands for $20. Now this was a bit more of an incentive so I ploughed through another 500 raked hands and managing to get a $542 balance in the process. Once passed the 500 mark the clock reset to zero and I was not credited with the $20 which would take my withdrawable balance to $55, $50 of which I could withdraw and run. Now I have emailed them 3 times up to now and am just getting ignored. There is no contact number so I think I have been ripped off. I notice the players on there are dropping like flies as well. What more can I do?
update,they still ignoring emails and account still showing $35 instead of $55 so cant withdraw. now withdrawal support emails are getting bounced back. they are still peaple playing there, (mr t voice) the crazy fools.

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