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Jan 26, 2005
Melbourne Beach, Florida
Be careful of the Bonus offer email for the 4th of July weekend from World Wide Vegas
I haven't played there since 1/05 and I received an email today offering
a 40% bonus up to $250 with a 20x B&D playthru
I called and spoke w/Lou and he explained that yes I could play Blackjack
yes the bonus was 40% and the WR was 20x and I could play the flash version online.
I deposited $100 and received a .50 bonus and a unqualified $25 bonus.
I called Lou back and he said that I had misunderstood him that I had to lose
95% of my deposit before bonus was added and then wager 20 b&d
and if I never received bonus I would have to wager 20x deposit to withdraw.
I thanked him and promptly withdrew my deposit and stopped all WWV email.
The crap that some Casinos try to get away with appalls me.
If I am not mistaken

They are located in Costa Rica...

I applied for a job there and one thing that surprised me is that when I asked one of the Managers what software did they use she couldn't answer me...

It seems like they are growing a bit, however their staff is way too incompetent.

If anyone has problems with them, let me know... I'll give them a knock on the door...jejeje
My God, Big Bill it sounds as if they have lost touch with reality with this sort of requirement:

"I had to lose 95% of my deposit before bonus was added and then wager 20 b&d and if I never received bonus I would have to wager 20x deposit to withdraw."
WorldwideVegas response


My name is Andrew and i am the manager at WorldwideVegas. I want to apologize for any confusion our staff my have encountered when trying to answer your question. We have had some turn over recently and the new people are still getting up to speed. I thought we were clear when teaching them about the bonus requirments but evidently we still have some work to do on the matter and my support manager will be working with them more today.

In response to the question regarding our bonus program. The rules are as follows: When you make a deposit you get a bonus between 25% and 50% depending on your level in our platinum players club, Bill is at 40% and on his $100 deposit received $40 in bonus money. The play through on this bonus is 20x. That is it, however there has to be two ways to qualify for a bonus since you may lose before you have reached your play through, in that case the bonus kicks in when you have lost 95% of your deposit.

It is not a dual requirement but two distinctly different cases. If you make your deposit, receive the 40% bonus and meet the play through of 20x you are free to withdraw at will. If you happen to lose before meeting the play through the bonus becomes available after you have lost 95%. If this was not the case the bonus would never kick in if a player lost so there has to be parameters for the system to know when to make the bonus available.

In the most recent promotion we were doing a 50% cash back, if you wagered and lost you would get a second bonus as a cash back bonus based on your last deposit at a rate of 50%. The play though requirments were the same and we had zero complaints about the promotion.

I hope this clarifies everything and if anyone has any questions or comments they can email me directly.



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