World Wide Vegas and Net Entertainment


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Mar 6, 2006
In the newstories of may 12th Online Casino News ~ May 2006 it says that net entertainment the owner of fairly reputable casinos such as cherry euro and many others bought the group that owns WorldWideVegas. However i could find no mention of world wide vegas on net entertainments website.
Does this mean that world wide vegas' act has cleaned up or should one still stay away from the place based on its past history.
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World Wide Vegas

According to they use Net Entertainment software, which I really dont know much about.

They are located in Costa Rica since I once had an interview there. Their main business is Bingo and apparently their bingo sites is powered by Parlay Ent.

The place didnt seem that solid, but as I said before, havent heard much about them.

i4poker uses net ent. software, I played their once.. not bad but nothing special.
They bought betsson on last months.May be they buy www,too. But it wont a clever decision,in my opinion.I havent played on world wide vegas, but I didnt hear good things about them.

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