World Wide Billing, Inc. - WHO THEY ARE?


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Feb 20, 2004
Any information about World Wide Billing, Inc. will be appreciated.

"World Wide Billing, Inc. offers complete payment processing solutions to merchants around the world. "

Can I trust them?

Thanks to all!
New information about World Wide Billing

Hi everybody,
To-day at www.startcasino-com I got the following information:

"Cheaters! Cheaters! Dont be involved!

They use the following scheme to draw you:

After sending them an Application you receive a letter from Electronic Transfer Inc.
1-800-757-5453 x204 signed by Jason Puckett ( with all necessary documents to start processing.

The next letter you receive is as follows: Let me introduce myself, my name is Cassey Parrish, I am the Sales Director for Financial Credit Merchant Services, LLC. My office handles the "high risk" underwriting for World Wide Billing where you had submitted an application for a merchant account. But this letter is sent from the same !

Then they start to process your transactions. They wait for 3 weeks when there is a good deal on your merchant account and suddenly you receive this:
Last Friday we moved our offices and the phones are being worked on. This is in no way in connection with the bank relationship. We just happened to get word from the bank at the same time we were relocating. There will be another email with our contact information but we are still in Tempe, we jsut moved to a bigger office. You cannot reach the gateway simply because the account in which you were placed with no longer exists. The best that I can tell you at this time is that we can direct your application to one of our new aquiring banks and offer you processing within the next 3 to 4 weeks, possibly even sooner. I apologize for this inconvenience. I know that other companies in the past, in this industry have probably left you a bad taste in your mouth, but be assured that FCMS has not gone anywhere and in order to better assist all of our merchants we need some patience from your side until we can get you running with our new bank if this is what you choose to do. We have every intention of staying in business and hopefully maintaining the relationship we have built with you. Please inform me as to if you are willing to process through another bank and within 3 to 4 weeks.

All this happened to our casino in December. There was no answer from them any more!
They disappeared with their e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, their office AND WITH OUR MONEY!!!


here is FCMS and World Wide Billing new URL:

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Please, be aware of swindlers!
fcms fraud

WARNING about the following company:

Financial Credit Merchant Services
FC Merchant Services

On 05/7/04;
I was told by Joseph Sorge of FCMS (financial credit merchant services)
that if I send $2500 to them ; they would set me up with credit card
processing. He stated he would send the contract after monies were
received. After the monies were sent by my banks WIRE department, I
sent FCMS confirmation of the wire by EMAIL.

FCMS then sent me the contract with rates almost TWICE as much as previously
quoted (4 hours later, on the same day)

When i requested a refund due to the inflated rates (fraud) on the contract, they refused.
I was out $2500.00

I never received the cc processing service for this money. They kept this money.
The reason I sent the $2500 so quickly was because I was told on the phone by FCMS
" send $2500 and we will LOWER the fees , but you have to send it today and you will be setup in two days "

The agent who referred me (as of the date of this posting) still has not received the $500 promised.

Please remember, (as of the date of this posting) NO SERVICE has been provided for this money.
Email and Phone calls to the members of this LLC have gone unanswered.

Here are the members of this company:

Address: 2353 W HEMLOCK CT

Address: 3400 N ARIZONA AVE #12

Address: 2117 S BRISTOL
MESA, AZ 85212

If you have victimized by this company or know someone who has been, here are 3 very
useful links:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

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