World Poker Tour Casino

:thumbsup: Yes.

I have played there and cashed out with no problems. Requested payment by regular cheque and received it in about a week.
I booked a nice win of ~$1100 there with initial deposit bonus and they bounced my cash outs back to neteller two times with lame excuses. First time they said it was a bank gateway problem, and I should cash out in two portions. I did that and first half came through well, but the second half bounced back again to my casino account. This time they said that the problem is in my neteller limits and I should contact neteller (Nice excuse, I am a "premier" user in neteller with highest limits...).

I contacted neteller, and they said that WPT had cancelled the cash out - there was no problem in netellers end. I then contacted back to WPT and basically said that they should stop lying and process my cash out ASAP, or I will take the case further to neteller (I got netellers PR-offices e-mail from neteller to contact to if the problem should have persisted). After that e-mail they processed second half of my cash out in 8 hours, LOL. So I eventually got my money. In the problem time they aswered to my e-mails super fast, so they didnt try to avoid tha case by not answering for me thou.

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