Hey Online Casinos, how about one of you organizing a blackjack world championship competion where the format would be on a knockout basis. Everyone would be paired with an opponent and would both deposit the same amount to play with. Then both would play on the same table and play the exact same number of hands. The winner would be the player with the most money left and would go through to the next round. This format would continue until there were just two players left who would then play off in a grand final for a cash prize.

The logistics of this would be quite a headache but I'm sure it'd be a hit (no pun intended) with the punters and the hosting casino would make a healthy profit out of it.

Any takers?
I think I saw something like this recently from one of the Boss Media casinos - maybe Jamaica Bay? A kind of Survivor" BJ tournament.
I don't recall seeing it. It can't have been promoted that well. If this does get promoted well and most online players find out about it then it would be massive. I see thousands playing. Of course the more that play would also mean more revenue for the casinos and in turn should mean greater prize money for the winner.
You're right. Jamaica Bay did a LOUSY job promoting this competition. It was a fantastic idea, but they didn't advertise it properly and noone knew about it till it was too late, and the first week went by. didn't send thier email reminder until 3 days after it started.

The players that did get in on it are very lucky. Since there are only a small number of players involved, the chances of winning the $5000 grand prize or any number of small $$ prizes is quite good.

Business has been lousy for them. Several weeks ago I played and stayed up all night.

When I first logged on there was only 1 other player in the entire casino. After 45 mins, I switched games, and noticed only 2 others. I kept checking every 30 mins to an hour. Same story. I finally found a young lady I enjoyed chatting with and spent a couple hours at that table. She claims she worked her $30 new player bonus to approx $6500 and then lost it all back. It was right at that moment I knew I had to quit. $800 Net win for the night. Not bad at all.

Compare that to Prestige. They do 30x the business of Jamaica Bay. It makes me wonder.

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