World Net Gaming/Casinos Inc. and "Cyberbookie" won't remit.




Back in September I opened an account for $700.00 of my money with World Net Gaming Inc. now World Net Casinos Inc., which is an online casino and sportsbook based in Costa Rica. They have a strip of casinos including Casino Bahamas Casino PirataCyberbookie. I deposited the $700.00 into Casino Bahamas. Soon after, I attempted to locate my deposit but it was not showing in any of their sites. So I emailed them several times and finally got a response. They said it somehow got stuck in limbo between two of the aforementioned websites and that they would correct the problem. They moved the money over to Cyberbookie. As soon as I saw that my account value in Cyberbookie was at $700.00, I immediately closed my online account and requested that my credit card be credited $700.00. A couple of weeks later I checked my account. They had not remitted the $700.00. I called them on it of course and they gave me some lame excuse. Anyway, the $700.00 once again showed up in my account on their sportsbook site account where I actually gambled and won $275.00. My account value at the site then accrued to $975.00. A few weeks passed and I went to opened Cyberbookie, typed my username and password and once again my account showed $0. They had not remitted the $700.00 nor had they sent me any sort of check. I wrote several angry letters to them. Finally, they got back to me, apologized and corrected the mistake. As soon as the money showed up in the site, I closed the account by requesting my funds. Two or three weeks later, I called my Credit Card Company to know my account balance on my credit card. The $700.00 had never been debited to my credit card and the $275.00 never showed up in the mail. Now I am really steamed. I emailed them again and they sent me a letter of which I have at the bottom of this message that essentially means I am going to have to wait and wait and wait.

Anyway, they still have my money. I think they are trying to screw me out of money that is legally mine and are never going to pay me. In the mean time I am paying interest on the $700.00 that really belongs back into my credit card. As I write to you, the site of Casino Bahamas, Cyberbookie and possibly other World Net Inc. sites are raking in receipts from new customers everyday. Receipts that could be routed to me and possibly other creditors.

Has anyone experienced the same sort of fraud I have?

To: Dear Valued Customer

From: CYBERBOOKIE Management

Dear Customer,

We know that you have requested funds from your account payable to you. We are working rapidly and efficiently to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately, Unforeseen circumstances have caused us to temporarily cease payments to customers.

CYBERBOOKIE was using a company in France named Kleline. Kleline is the largest processor of credit cards in that region. They are owned by Pariba Bank in Paris. Pariba announced closing their credit card processing (E-Commerce) division know as Kleline.

The closing of the division resulted in over 500 business having their processing turned off and have not released funds due to us and to our customers . Please go to the following link
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. You will see the press release on the site mentioning that they have closed their credit card processing division. On the web site Kleline announced that they are going to honor all existing contracts.

CYBERBOOKIE has already filed suit against Pariba and Kleline. We are also starting to get involved in a class action suit. We should reach a settlement soon. CYBERBOOKIE apologizes for this inconvenience and is willing to work with their customers any way that they can.

We will keep you inform on any development of this situation and so doing please do specify the following information.

Account number: ______________Amount Requested:__________________

Again our apologies and thank you for bearing with us.



Tom Brannan

be sure to let Gambling Grumbles Link Removed (invalid URL)

and the Internet Gaming Commmission
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know of your experiences. They both offer mediation services. Certainly the word should get out that these casinos are having processing problems and should not be taking new wagers.
Hi Tom,

Who have you contacted at World Gaming Net? Please let me know and I'll try to have them clear this matter up.



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