World Cup Unders 14-2. Will They Continue to Cash?


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Sep 26, 2009
Denver, Colorado
Just curious if anyone been riding the ridiculous trend that has been UNDER 2.5 goals coming in on World Cup Games.

I noticed after couple days, unders were 4-1, so started playing unders exclusively and am up almost $800 and I am only a $100 player..

My question is has anyone else been playing unders and if you think that the trend of Unders will continue? Epecially with the new soccer ball Jabulani that players are complaining about and the African Trumpets (Vuvuzeles) also causing playes to complain about not being able to communicate w/each other?

Teams are starting to play their 2nd games, should we still expect UNDERS? I think so...
I haven't played a shit so far during this event. Mainly because it's hard to bet on teams which are not used to play together.

But your thoughts are valuable. I will check these odds.:)

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