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Mar 18, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
call me a traitor, but my money is on Czech Republic to beat USA today

btw......i found a sportsbook that offers a weekly $1500 freeroll for anyone who makes 4 $10 bets during the weekend. i haven't played in their freeroll yet, but i'll report back when i do.
also taking the over 2.5 goals on USA-Czech game.........but don't blame me if you do the same and lose......i know nothing of this funny little game of which the Euros are so fond.
would have loved to have seen Ghana beat Italy. Put a couple of Euros on them because of the odds.

My Bets today:

South Korea v Togo - South Korea
France v Switzerland - France
Brazil v Croatia - Draw (Only because Brazil are outright favourites and we saw what happened with Sweden against Trindad & Tobago)
yep....i didn't feel at all comfortable with my Italy bet as Ghana attacked early in the game.....lucky that they couldn't score one early or Italy may have caved......don't know if I'll bet the games today.....I'm really not up to speed on Togo football.
Bad day at the office for me yesterday. :( Only 1 right.

Today going for:

Hope it works out better today.
nice job, peralis

3 for 3 yesterday, no?

i bet Equador today but right now I'm wishing I'd bet more.

My first upset pick is for Paraguay to beat Sweden later today.
that was a close call yesterday for those who bet on England.

England should voluntarily drop out of the tournament at once since they clearly can't handle the pressure of the moment.
i decided to bet on Brasil today which in hindsight looks pretty foolish given the odds. and then I decided to just bet on the 1st half and give 1/2 a goal :mad:

fortunately the screwy interface for the sportsbook i'm trying out didn't purge my initial bet so I still have a bet for the entire game to pay for my loss on the 1st half bet
Did not have a good weekend, except for the USA game (turned out well - even though it was scrappy)

Spain should do well.. but am waiting on tomorrow's two games..
Germany - Equador (Big surprise package so far) Going with the draw here at odds of 4.25
England - Sweden - will back England.. think they will start getting better as each game comes along.
from the matches i've watched, it sure seems like the all-black teams are getting the shaft from the refs. very frustrating to watch these horrible officials work these games. i'm not a huge "soccer" fan, but the English league games which I mostly watch have much better officiating.
i wish i could mute the broadcasters and just hear the crowd noise while watching these games

it's so annoying to be watching a great match between Spain and Tunisia and all the US announcers want to talk about is how "tremendous" was the US team's effort in a game a few days ago.

I'm a fan of some of the US players, but as a team they are highly over-rated and only managed to tie Italy via a fluke goal. There's nothing I can't stand more than media hype. F*** that S***! I'll be rooting for Ghana!
ecuador v germany

6-1 on ecuador on bet365 - germany are way too ropey for this not to be a good bet it should probably only be 4 or 5 to one so this is worth a punt in my book - starts in 50 min so not much time to take advantage
ace4suited said:
6-1 on ecuador on bet365 - germany are way too ropey for this not to be a good bet it should probably only be 4 or 5 to one so this is worth a punt in my book

sounds good......i gave it a go.....i also did a prop bet that someone would score in 1st 30 minutes in this game
Had a brilliant day today!

Got 3 games perfect with the correct scores - only game wrong was Ivory Coast which I had at 2-1 for them.


CZE:ITA - 1:2 Italy need to deliver - been disappointing so far.
GHA:USA - 2:0 Ghana are very impressive and US are missing a lot of players now because of suspensions
JPN:BRA - 0:2 Obvious reasons
CRO:AUS - 1:2 Australia have a great chance to qualify and will go all out to get there.
good job, peralis!

i was taking the day off, but then I couldn't pass up a bet I saw when Holland vs Argentina was scoreless at halftime. i got +170 for a draw (this was at halftime) it worked out although it was quite nerve-wracking to watch the near-misses.

i will probably bet the props tomorrow as all games look like someone will score in 1st 30 minutes. i may bet Ghana also. the U.S. team is nothing special....(i'm not even sure they could beat England!) :eek: :eek: :eek:
I told Spearmaster the Dutch and the Argies would play out a draw. Now kicking myself for not backing it :mad:

Mexico vs Portugal was a great game yesterday. It is just a shame that the Mexicans didn't convert their penalty.

Today I am going to back Australia to get a result against Croatia and I fancy Japan to give a lacklustre Brazil side an almighty shock.
1st 30 minutes

i'm just betting on some early goals today

i bet on a goal in the 1st 30 minutes for:


on a side note i'm also betting against Roger Clemmens in baseball today....i think he'll get rocked......Texas toast!

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