Casino Complaint won't pay


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Jun 24, 2008
jasper, texas
i read on here were a lady had a problem with ladydream casino not paying and giving her a lot of excuses, well i am having the same problem with goldbetting (a sister site) and there payment method is
Date Total Amount Paid

Oct 27 2007 23:12:26 250.00 250.00
Oct 27 2007 23:12:10 250.00 250.00
Oct 20 2007 20:19:12 250.00 250.00
Oct 20 2007 20:12:56 250.00 250.00
this is from goldbettings site,the dates and amounts i cashed out

Approved Withdrawals:

Track ID Date Amount Status Info
155000386 Nov 02, 2007 11:09:29 $1000.00 Approved
Page Total: $1000.00 in 1 request(s)

Pages: 1 of 1

No declined or canceled withdrawals.

and this is from directnetpays site
and guess what the check is still not in the mail
and yes i made the playthru plus some
and now after way more than several e-mails
they will not e-mail, or answer me at all
and of course they have no phone # on there site
just e-mail addy's
the lady i read about on here got her's resolved after a while thanks to you
so i figured i would give it a try
thanks mrschevy


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Feb 18, 2008
Ive never heard of them and i check out a lot of casinos when im bored and looking for dif kinda games. I was going to try and register to see if i could find any more info to help you with but wont let me without a credit card and cdns cant join. Maybe one of the guys can help. GOOD LUCK with this plse keep us posted.

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