wondering about sportingbet poker???


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Mar 11, 2005
Has anyone played at sportingbet poker before? At their heads up tourneys or even 5 on 5 or 10 on 10 tourneys and so on? I have played here for some time now and have seen to many rare things happen. I have seven about 7 straight fluses, numerous 4 of a kinds, and pocket Aces back to back for a player many times. Hell once I even seen pocket Ace's be passed around a 5 on 5 table like 6 straight times :confused: I know poker is poker and weird things happen from time to time. But to see 4 of a kinds daily :confused: Got me thinking..... Would others please share their experiences at sportingbet poker :D Would really appreciate it thanks....
Have never played there, but I see quads prob a dozen times a day. Not sure quite what the odds are on quads by the river, and can't be bothered to work them out, but I know its about 400/1 to flop them from a pp, so final odds significantly better than that. Then factor in a full table of players and that you can get thru hundreds of hands in an online session. Back to back aces is considerably less likely, but I've seen it happen quite a few times. I once got dealt jacks FOUR times in a row. It's a pretty simple RNG required to spit out random deals, and I can see no benefit to any site in rigging deals. But in fairness, haven't played there so can't comment with any authority - what software do they use? :)

The software is Boss Media. Yeah I have played here for about 8 months and have expereinced what I thought were some unbelieveable things. Wow you are seeing Quads on a daily basis. :eek: I thought I was the only one :D I caught poker fever by watching all the tourneys on t.v. and figured I'd play some online. And loved sportingbet because they had the 5 on 5 tourneys and 10 on 10 and my favorite heads up tables. With buy ins as low as 3 bucks :D So I played and played and saw a bunch of straight flushes and 2 royal flushes and quads like crazy :eek: Couldn't believe my eyes at times....And then played a heads up table for 50 bucks and lost with pocket kings to a 2 4 all in :eek: Then i started to wonder..... :(

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