Wondering about credit/debit card charges

Have you had credit card transaction fail?

  • I don't use a credit/debit card directly thru an online casino

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  • I haven't had this happen to me

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • I have had this happen, but recieved a refund or a credit

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • I have had this happen, but it never settled

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Aug 16, 2009
So in the past I've had an issue here and there with processors properly giving the right approval code to the casino. Saying yes we got an approval code from the issuer, but we decided we didn't like you and tell the casino we declined you instead.
Then normally about 2 to 3 weeks later the money drops back into my account. All is fine.
So here's were the story comes into play. I go to make a deposit on Friday. Get the sorry, everything timed out. Your deposit didn't go thru rigamaroll ordeal. Ok, so I'm not going to be depositing there for at least an hour, because the casino wants an hour between attempts. Ok, well I'll try later. To only get a text message from my bank telling me a charge had in fact gone thru.
So then I send an e-mail off to the casino in question. Saying hey, why did the so called failed transaction go thru after all.
So then they reply back with, well we want to see a copy of your online statement proving a transaction had gone thru.
So I reply back with the statement, and there first reply. We don't use that descriptor, another casino must have processed that.
Well funny part is they were the only casino I played at that day. So they said there going to let finance look into the it and they'll let me know from there.
Well then on Saturday I decided to make another deposit, one that basically matched the one that had failed. Then support had the gull to tell me well all is well. The transaction went thru after all. So we can close the case. Well umm, all is still not fine, because now you've told me your not going to investigate this any further. So I respond with no, see there on my statement is the failed transaction. Followed by the approved transaction. So therefore all is not well.
So then they still say, well we don't recognize either descriptor. :what: Really?
So then I reply, alright. Why in sam hell would your e-mails tell me that your folks processed my online card transaction thru that descriptor. Then turn around and claim otherwise.
So then to add insult to injury, this morning the transaction that had failed. Actually settled, and was no longer pending. So now I"m getting more upset, because there still not taking claim to the transaction. Yet now the processor has my money tied up for good. Until they issue a refund or actually credit me the cash. Now I finally get a well, we'll have finance finally look into it, but there not here on the weekend. Well that's fine and dandy and all, but what was wrong starting an investigation on Friday.
I guess I'm just looking for is this common place with credit/debit card these days with casinos. To have them fail, then eventually settle versus having the authorization fall off. So I put up a poll just asking if this was something common. Am also welcome to comments. I would post the casinos name and stuff, but I'm going to give them a chance to make things right first. I just wanted to vent a bit.


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
Haven't had that happen to me ever. But have had double charges and one falls off in a couple of days. Now I only put on what I want to use right then. Can't be double charged that way.


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Mar 19, 2008
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Have never had a problem with CC transactions.
What I don't understand, is why on earth you would do a second transaction, before the failed one was settled ?
In my book....and apparently in the casino's too, that would just add to the confusion.


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Aug 16, 2009
Mainly because I was ready to play and had some extra cash because of my lotto win to play with. I really didn't want to default to another casino, considering that for the most part. This place has treated me fairly well. So I initially didn't see any harm in doing a 2nd transaction because I was bored and wanted to play. Until the lovely e-mail came.


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Sep 12, 2004
1. CS does not work in Finance Dept and (nowadays) are pretty much useless with this type problem.

2. Used to happen a lot that a transaction would get 'dropped' or lost and would take some wrangling to get straightened out. Some casinos would make good on the screwy transaction quickly... but then I had 7Sultans 'lost' $50 deposit show up months later in my account.

3. As to 'descriptors'. In the USA, we're liable to see anything on a CC statement.

4. Don't do a second deposit at the same casino when you've got one floating around in cyberspace. It just confuses the issue.

5. Sometimes a 'failed' deposit can show up as deducted from your card/account. I used to wait at least a couple of hours and check my statement online to see if it came out. Sometimes it took a couple weeks to get the casino to release the wacky deposit into my casino account.