Slow Pay Won 55.000 EUR at the Casino "CASINO SECRET" and lost it due to delayed withdrawals and cancellation


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Sep 5, 2004
Gambling is a process, not an event. The large balance you reached was a part of this overall process, not the end result.

Sometimes a large win like this can cause more problems that it cures. Many folks who experience such highs go on to lose the most. This experience may be a blessing in disguise, and for a 600 sum it is a cheap one.


In October 2018 I won £6500 on slots, and it certainly changed me from an infrequent player of low stakes, to an everyday player with much increased stakes. Over the next 9 months I lost £5000 of back. It taught me the lesson that I am vulnerable and now only play on casinos where I can set deposit limits etc and can cancel the option to reverse a withdrawal.

I am now back to my usual small stakes with loss limits in place of £50 per month, but with the knowledge and confirmation that it is possible to strike it lucky and win big.

Funny thing is I don't spend a penny on the lotteries.