Won $5000 on pyramids $25 promo and they refuse to pay....



about a few days back i registered and downloaded pyramid casino.com. after i e-mailed them about the funds that were said i would recieve , i got them .. it took them 3 days for them to put the $25 in.. okay i got the money , so i played and i was doing pretty good. when i was up to $60 i desided to play jacks or better v-poker. after a few hits i finally did it i hit for $5000.00 so i quickly went to there live chat for help in getting pin so i could withdrawl the money after an hour with them i finally got the pin.. so i went back in and cashed out the money with no problems.. the next day i desided to go back and try my luck with the money that was left on the account after the cash-out. got lucky again i managed to get up to $240. and all of a sudden the funds were swiped from the account.. so i went to e-mail them about it. and i found an e-mail from them stateing that i had not qualified for the promo therefor all funds were reveresed even what i had cash-out the night before..they stated that i had a privious account therefore did not qualify for the promo. NOW IF I HAD AN ACCOUNT WHY DID THEY GRANT ME THE PROMO? NOW I DID NOT FIND OUT UNTIL AFTER I CASHED OUT ..NOT DURING THE HOUR IT TOOK THEM TO LOOK FOR MY PIN .. NOT DURING THE 3 DAYS IT TOOK THEM TO PUT THE FUND INTO ACCOUNT..BUT ONLY AFTER I MADE A WITHDRAWL DID THEY SAY THAT I DID NOT QUALIFY.. AND TO BE HONEST I KNEW I HAD AN ACCOUNT I WOULD HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED ( AS YOU KNOW IT TAKES UP SPACE ON COMP.) OR REGISTERED.
hi, brian i recieved the e-mail copy of the letter that you sent out to pyramid casino and i ws just wondering if there was any news yet..please, please , please keep me posted..
hi b, its me again. just wanted to say hi, have not heard from you just thought that i did not exist. lol.
Hi Gamblers33,

Yes, rest assured, you exist, I exist, and patience is a virtue. Let's be virtuous and give them another day or two.

yes, b its gamblers33 . i like to keep things easy so i use the same name... hope you can help.. thank you for your time on this matter. thank you!
Hi Gamblers33,

I contacted the casino and they told me you already had an account at the casino which makes the promo null and void. Sorry.

Maybe it's beside the point,maybe it's not...

But i have a question or 2(or 3) to ask.

Have the casino given back this players deposit?

Would this casino ever have contacted the punter and given back the deposit if he/she lost?

How much have they paid back to players under the same circumstances?
have also a question does that mean that if i would have lost the $25 promo granted would they have claimed for i to pay back. the funds lost. if they say i had account why then was i given the credits to play. what would have been the outcome if i would have lost? i personally think that since i had a win ( which was more then expected from the casino) now they deside to check referances. which in my oppinion they should have checked first they had plnty of time. as stated they took 3 days to grant promo and then took 1 hour or more to grant me the pin to make the cash-out. at that time they could have checked . not after the fact.
The T&C of most casinos specifically states that one account per player is allowed... sometimes even one account per household.

So if you knew this and then still tried to claim a bonus I'd have to say I'd rule in the casino's favor as well.

Now - had you also read the T&C you probably never would have made a second deposit in a different account unless you knew you were taking the risk of losing it. While I don't think casinos should keep these "second account deposits", I don't think I could blame them for doing so.

In any case, Pyramidcasino.com has had a very good reputation up to now. And if they were to check every possible deposit against a "previous" account things would slow down dramatically for everyone. Especially if it already takes 3 days to get the promo credits.
let me correct my self it was not a deposit bonus it was a promo offered to me thru e-mail. when i downloaded i registered. never did it show that i had previouse account.
it like this when you have played at a casino and for some reason you trashed it and then later deside to play . you download and your account info is still there.
in my case i had to register and account.
comon they still had pleanty of time to check...
Dear gamblers33,

I spoke with Craig Levett at Pyramid Casino and he explained everything to me. He stated that the promo was posted in a forum by a player who recieved it as an email. It was never meant to be posted, but they honored the promo to players who met the terms and conditions of the promo anyway. Now according to him, you already had an account and opened another for this promo. Thus you did not meet the terms and conditions. I really don't understand what issue you have against the casino, and what you don't understand about the rules and conditions.

At this point, I would advise you to take this up with the manager if you haven't already.

you sated the he said that they honored the promo to players who met the terms and conditions of the promo anyway. okay i was honored the promo under the terms .. why do they wait after a cashout to check again if they qualified. if it was aready honored.. again under there terms and conditions..(again my opinion is that they did not expect for anyone to win this big). thus makeing them want to explore other option as to why not to pay..
The T&C states that only one account per person (or household) may be opened. If you were not in breach of this condition, you probably would have been paid.

This is a long-standing condition at nearly every casino. As I pointed out before, if they have to check every potential customer against a past list, things would slow down horribly. If you had made a deposit, you would have gotten it back.

I agree, this is not the best way to do business - but there are other factors one has to consider. While other casinos invent reasons as to how one falls foul of the T&C, this particular reason is clear as day. There can be no blame on the casino whatsoever.

For example, if you break the law, and you don't get caught, you think you got away with it. But if, in checking past movements, it becomes clear you broke the law, the police are going to arrest you anyhow. I don't see where this is any different. You don't get off scot-free just because you weren't nailed at the first hurdle.
Dear Spearmaster.

O.K. fair enough.

To check every new account first,before play commences,might be longwinded.

I am not fighting Gambler 33's corner.How can i?It's in the rules,thats it...

I do though,now it has come to light for whatever reason,think the casino should give back the deposit..The account was null and void they said,so surely the credits should be available..If you catch my drift?(ish)
And another thing..

I don't like the idea of a multi account holder catching a progressive i'm after,only to hear later the bod should'nt have been playing in the first place.

On that score alone i think the extra staff should be employed to attend to such matters...

Actually, Gambler33 said that it wasn't a deposit bonus - and thus I assume he did not make a deposit.

Had he made a deposit, he should definitely be entitled to get that back.

I have heard of one person who actually hit a progressive (CashSplash) with a $10 free bonus given to him/her by the casino - and to the best of my knowledge it was paid out.

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