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Aug 16, 2009
So yesterday I decided to go to Jumers in Rock Island, IL for some land based fun. Basically to get away from the world of dozens of fees from online gaming.
I was just noticing though I was looking around for some new slots. Is it just me or am I noticing a recurring pattern with WMS gaming and even IGT while I'm at it. That there not really coming out with much for new and exciting these days? Maybe it's just the casino I frequent, but man it seems like the games are the same over and over again. Just different theme. Otherwise same basic payout and some basic idea.
Like with there new money burst slots. I saw they had some ones out and not a single one of them were any different from Glitter and Steve Martin slots. Kind of depressing if you ask me.
Maybe I'm just ranting about nothing, but eh.


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Mar 11, 2010
all the ones we are getting at my casino are about the same.... i love the steve martin one though! probably one of the few that doesnt annoy the crap out of me at work.... and happy days...


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May 29, 2004
When I went to the ICE show in London and went to the (enormous) IGT stand, there were a fair few decent new slots like X-Factor and stuff that looked very good. Also some variations on existing themes. I'm guessing that costs in a bleak climate will have an impact on what casinos licence though.

I read something about IGT's new networked-slots technology recently which also sounded like a way forward. Also, on their website they talk about 3-D slots with layered screens. I think the future is bright, just not sure that the timing is right.

Actually, it would be interesting to know how much a land casino pays for a slot in terms of placement and commission.