Wizard of Oz and WoZ Ruby slippers


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Last week i have spent so much money on these 2 slots and i just dont get it how bad it can be...

every time i get random wilds feature its 1 or 2 wilds and wins are 0-5x bet.. EVERY TIME..

Also pick bonus on WOZ gives me allways cashprize of 5x bet or winged monkey without those flying wilds.

Same with ruby slippers .. i i manage to get bonus round it ends on 2nd or 3rd pick ...

ITs insane how cold these games can get


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I usually get the Wicked Witch second pick 9/10 on RS

I never get the FS on RS

RS feature never gives me more than 2 'bubbles' and if more come they float off!!

I have NEVER met Glinda

That Crystal Ball feature makes me wanna punch the screen regardless of outcome

So your not on your own lol :p

Now on to Ragging (My balance continually) Rhino :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


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Good to hear... Starting to hate these slots :D
Your thread/post caught me just in the right frame of mind lol.

Just busted again at Casumo, terrible run of late and it has been WMS that have been kicking my arse with no game time, enjoyment or anything memorable to speak of whatsoever!!

I have been an MG and Netnet player for years so this year I branched out and started playing WMS.

*Tin foil hat on* As it happened I could do no wrong and was 'kicking WMS ass' now they have me 'in the bag' they are merciless, money eating SOAB's!!!

RR - Deadly, never any diamonds
Montezuma - What are those wheel things for?
RS - Already described but highest win usually 2-3x
Red Rag Week - What is the point of feature, 5FS and wilds all over but no wins??
Alice - Who the fuck is Alice
Zeus III - bollocks
Super Monopoly Money - Yes 32 FS get in, 2 minutes later £3.00 well done! - fuck off WMS


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before the aussies got kicked i played a fair chuck on wms only real one that paid was montzuma 3000x bet once
never anything over 200x on the other 90 per cent of the time.


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I have had Glinda pop up once on the slippers feature to give 10x
Only had a bloody 15p win to start with.
Only had 3 bubbles once as well, never had 4


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I have had a few mega big wins on Wizard of Oz - I got four wilds on Glynda only yesterday for about £230 off a 60p stake but today I foolishly upped it to 90 p and never got more than 2 wilds that paid so little it wasn't worth it . Hate hate hate the money reward feature when all you want is Monkeys or Emerald city.

Ruby slots hates me - I can play for hours waiting for anything to happen - just watching my balance diminish - excruciating and as for the Rhino - he just hides when I play him and takes his diamonds with him !!

Having said all that I love WMS - the one with the wheels I adore but the wheels often bring the Bonus Guarantee. Still its fun - isn't it ??:eek: