New Slot Announcement Wizard of Gems Play'n GO


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Dec 28, 2010

Conjure up precious gems and trade them for brilliant payouts in Wizard of Gems from Play'n GO. Lustrous gemstones magically cascade down from above to fill the game screen with colour, light and bright opportunities!

The wizard's wild spell book can substitute for any other ordinary symbol to help invoke prize-winning combinations along any of the game's 20 fixed lines. When winning combos appear, the symbols in them vanish and are miraculously replaced by new symbols. Each time new symbols drop from above, new winning combos may be created, and the factor that multiplies every payout in the round increases from 2 to 3 to 5!

When three star symbols twinkle anywhere on screen, they trigger a sequence of ten stellar free spins. Up to nine wild spell books are guaranteed to appear on each free spin to help you win more – and the payouts on free spins are truly astronomical; each payout is multiplied by three times the current factor shown on screen! When any constellation of three stars appears on a free spin, the sequence is extended by ten for a total of up to 50 enchanted free spins. So go grab your wand and get ready for wondrous winnings!
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Aug 25, 2004
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Don't know how I missed this before - this is the first time I've seen this thread! :oops:

Obviously a "spin-off" of my latest addiction, Gemix - same character, symbol and sounds.
And looks like a copy of Gonzo's Quest to start with - until you get the free-spins!

Anyway, looks like it could be another "goodie" from Play'N'Go - will definitely give it a spin! :thumbsup:



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Nov 8, 2014
Guts has this game live now. Had a quick go on it - $20 deposit was playing in Euros at 0.20p before upping my bet to 0.40p a spin.

I have to say I really like this game and will definitely play it again. Yes I won (withdrew $70) so that is always a positive but unlike the other new releases where I have won I have not returned to them (dazzle me, king of slots) because I found the gameplay rather dull - this I actually enjoyed and I tend to hate rolling reel games (they have all been brutal to me in the past).

I doubt there will be many huge single wins (the potential is still there with x5 multipliers and random wilds in free spins) but its the frequency of the wins and it surely helped that in about 30 minutes of play I got the free spin feature 5 times - not sure if its that easy to activate but it felt like it and also got a retrigger during the bonus round once.

Game has good easy to understand graphics, the bonus game your pretty much guaranteed to win something unlike gonzo's quest - you wont ever have the huge win potential though because the multipliers stay the same during free spins (x1 - x5) but if you can activate free spins more easier than trying to land say 3 golden symbols in a row like most rolling reel games that suits my style of play much more.

All in all I think this is low-medium variance and one of the better new releases. I will play it again for sure!


Nov 29, 2012

Had some FS with this which as per were at the lowest stake 0.20.

Won about £3.20.

After FS I checked I was still on 0.20 stakes from the screen you use to adjust stake. It was set to 0.20.

Played a few spins then ran out of funds.

Turns out you have to move the slider away then back to 0.20 or it plays out at 1.00.

Bug or con. I suspect former but bad form nonetheless


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Dec 11, 2007
I actually like this slot as the winning combinations are for 20 lines, not just horizontally+vertically+diagonally like for other similar games. Had 2 rounds of FS, one at $0.20 bet and another at $1.00. Guess what? The winnings from FS came to about 10 bucks in both cases :)


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Mar 13, 2008
I'll be playing this again.

Had a go in Fun Play first. Of course hit a big pay in a few spins, ha ha. $15 plus on a .20 bet.

Lost a few bucks in real, but enjoyed the game.

I like rolling (or cascading, or tumbling or whatever) reels on small bets when I have a small bankroll, as it takes longer for many spins.

Like a magpie, I like shiny and brightly coloured games. Sometimes. Other times, I really like the dark and brooding sort.

Play and Go produces games that play very smoothly. This was no exception.


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Feb 11, 2013
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Just played it! Big thumbs up from me! I won 88p from some guts free spins had 1,88 in guts so I spun it one more time at 20p got feature and won 6.40! I love how the Wizard drops wilds that's a sure fire Gonzo competitor right there. Just a shame the feature is the same multiplier as the base game.