withdrawals on MasterCard ?


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Nov 22, 2013
deep south of Eu
Recently I joined a UK licensed casino which is allowing me to play (and this is already a great thing !), but they don't allow me to do deposits / withdrawals thru neteller / skrill.

So that, I am using both my Visa and my Mastercard to DEPOSIT.

In these last days I had a half decent win and I decided to cash out. Even if I deposited with MC, when I had to choose the card for the withdrawal, I selected VISA, since I thougt it's impossible to receive withdrawals on MC.


The casino staff switched my selection to MC, applying the rule "the withdrawal has to be done on the same method of the deposit..."

Sincerely I had a few perplexities about this. It did not seem a stalling tactic since the money was not reversible, anyhow I thought it was going to be a long battle to see the cash.

Instead, two days later I was alerted from my bank that my MC was receiving some money as a REFUND from the casino. The amount is perfect and there were no extra costs/fees btw.

I guess this could be done since it is formally a REFUND and not a payment, even if I am wondering how can the casino manage a refund which is 10X the total deposits done. Maybe they know already I am going to return them the other 9X in the next days ? :rolleyes:

Now of course I am happy with this, I am asking to other players if such a procedure is becoming common or usual, since for me it's something 100% new.