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Jul 16, 2010
manchester england
hi got the 5 captain ventures in bonus win paid £16000+ withdrew £15000 on sunday 1/01/23 at 10.40 am and it has been under review since then. been onto chat at party casino and told it was a big win so the relevant team are reviewing it. surely in this electronic age it shouldnt take this long. image if i hit a proper jackpot how long will that take. my spincter is twitching with this wondering why the delay. what do you think.
reviewing your win with slot provideror shouldnt take more then few hours.
so if its a stalling tactic hard to say.
seen few posts here lately were they say its taking weeks to verify with providers
back in the day before ukgov got involved i had big wins on supe it up isis where i got 5 scatters in feature wins 3 times at golden tiger and 32 red, never batted an eyelid, just paid out. now they seem to think we will see if theres been any violations or machine gliches. i am seeing this happening more and more.
Delays occur when amounts are bigger, no clue why, didnt border to ask either. For its always processed the next day around 3pm/4pm. Last time when I had a 5k, it was processed at 21:35 the next day. Difference between your account and my: I can reverse :)

Good win Steveyboy, happy for you!
Don’t forget we just had xmas and NYE lots of key people taking time out of office adds time plus waiting for cash that size stretches time too

I mean how long is a microwave 3 minutes when starving and staring at the thing …
Party Casino is one of my go to casinos. Sure they take a bit longer to pay but they always pay. Enjoy those winnings and spend it on something you can't give back to the casino!
last year I had 13k win on DOA2 on partycasino they paid me in 4hrs, I also had 5k win same they paid me on 4hrs, Party all time pays but high risk if u win a lot they will limit your deposit to £200pm, thats what they did to me after I won, they dont like wining players 😂

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