Withdrawal missing on Videoslots

Pauln 71

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Oct 16, 2018
Hi all
Made a withdrawal at videoslots ..asked for documents which were provided ( about 3 days .
Waited 4 working days for withdrawal ( contacted support and told to wait until day 5 ) no problem slow but within the advertised time frame
Nothing day 6 so chased up and was told the money was missing and Worldpay would have to look for it
Ok not great but I'll wait
I've tried to stay in touch with support most days living with the generic we can't update you / really sorry / not our fault replies
On day 11 I was informed that the payment wasn't made and the money would be returned to videoslots and a manual payment issued
Fast forward to day 19 and after so many contradicting emails(money's found/ money's missing / we'll make a payment/ it will go back on your balance ) from support with little or no explanation I'm still no closer to an answer
Very frustrated now and get the feeling I'm just getting the runaround and will probably need to jump through more hoops to be reunited with the money
Genuinely thought Videoslots where reputable
Any thoughts ?
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Award winning Videoslots is reviewed by Casinomeister

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