Withdrawal issues Videoslots


Newbie member
Sep 8, 2018
Bendigo, Victoria
I'm not sure whether this is worth complaining about. A couple of months ago i made my first withdrawal at Videoslots via bitcoin and it bounced back straight away as a deposit I went to chat and they said i deposited it back in. So i tried again and immediately logged out of the casino and waited of confirmation email and then i logged back in to see it was deposited back in and yes it did. Both times it caused a fee which i waited a couple of months for and settled that matter with free spins cause i was sick of asking about it. The main issue i had was they told me not to withdraw again until the tech team figured out what was wrong. Throughout this period i had amounts ranging from 200 to 1600 and went to chat and was told i had to wait. so a couple of weeks ago I got an email saying the issue was fixed so i sent the new bitcoin address , as local bitcoin require it for each incoming transaction and yay it worked. Shortly after i got an email saying the email that stated it was fixed was wrong. This email was sent from my loyalty manager Johnathon. I sent him an email saying it does now work his response was i fixed it with the new withdrawal address. I was so angry cause i was aware that we had to provide each time. I emailed Johnathon and asked what was the main issue cause after waiting this amount of time im entitled to an answer to date no response. Do I have a case for compensation??
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