New Slot Announcement Witchcraft Academy by Netent


Swingin' like Darryl Strawberry
Netent....they've only gone and harridan it again.

It looks so generic I just had to let out a big crone.

Netent hag lost the plot. Maybe this will spell the end for them etc etc blah blah :D




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What a game.
Got what was called the freespins feature on last spin of 5spins at leo. Won 1.05 and 0 free spins. Go to hell netent


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5 ND FS and another 20 for the tenner I chucked in LV earlier. That's where this particular story ends :)


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Why do I bother playing casino's anymore, playing on any slot recently is grim.
£20 deposit...115x 0.20 spins, bust out and had around 5 very low paying spins.

The win/loss factor is gambling, but there's no entertainment anymore. I can't even get 15 mins play time out of a £20 deposit these days, so sad the greed that's involved to turn a profit by the providers.


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Just seems like netent slots is getting worse everytime its horribole with how many dead spins this slot gives, and getting the feature crap unless ure luck with atleast 4/5 freespins options but hell even getting 3 is rare as hell.

The Phantom slot is just as bad dead spins like crazy none chance to keep balance at all 50freespins few days ago first 30spins paid 1.5x then a few more so around 20x but only cause of 1 "lucky?" spin.

Pretty much gave up on netent slots for a long time do try new ones now and then but only maybe 100spins, nah BTG/PnG/MG is my main for entertainment.