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wire transfer fees

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by lucky21, Jul 9, 2009.

    Jul 9, 2009
  1. lucky21

    lucky21 Dormant account

    plant mechanic
    recently i made a withdrawal of $300usd from a prominant casino on this site, only $234usd made it to my account, the casino said the $66 missing dollars were in wire transfer fees charged by their bank, although my bank tells me the only fees they can see are a $10processing fee on there part.

    Before I PAB or name the casino i wanted to see if this is the norm with some casino's

    another casino I use allows 2 free withdrawals per month then a 1.5% charge after that.

    It is not only on this recent withdrawal others have huge fees also.

    Is this common?

    I cant help but feel ripped off
  2. Jul 9, 2009
  3. gloria460

    gloria460 Meister Member

    My bank only charged me a flat 10 fee for my 1.8k wire via quicktender. Quicktender charged me 30 to transfer the money. A total of 40 was taken from my winnings
  4. Jul 9, 2009
  5. deucebag

    deucebag Experienced Member PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABaccred

    It could be that an intermediate bank is taking a fee. An international wire transfer will usually involve at least one intermediary bank.
  6. Jul 9, 2009
  7. unicorn40

    unicorn40 Dormant account

    cold storage warehouse worker
    Ontario, Canada....
    I had about $60.00 taken from a wire transfer not long ago for the first time ever....from one casino only....They never did that before either. The other wire transfers i had in the past from this place never had any charges taken off except about $10.00 from my bank.....The rest of the transfer was all there. They tried saying it was my bank etc. that did it.......but i think it's BS.

    I don't cash out much, but iNetBet for instance, i get a wire transfer and it's all there except for my banks $10.00 charge......I am wondering why one can get you the whole amount basicly and another have about $60.00 missing.
  8. Jul 9, 2009
  9. silkprint

    silkprint Dormant account

    Yup ...I work
    Every time I withdraw by wire from one RTG casino I am charged $24 by their bank and another $10 by mine .
  10. Jul 9, 2009
  11. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    Some casinos have decided to eat the wire transfer fees for players, others don't.

    Not really the casinos that are doing this, in most cases.
    Usually it is the third party banks involved in the transaction.

    You can blame the last US Congress, that passed that stupid UGIEA. All the UGIEA has done is cost people more money.

    If the casino tells you up front that there will be fees on your wire transfer and most all of them do... not really PAB material. But that is just my opinion and I don't decide what BAP's get done here.
  12. Jul 9, 2009
  13. voltage1

    voltage1 Dormant account

    I had the same thing happen to me on a $900 cash out with an accredited Casino and only $834 made it to my bank (which my bank then took $15).
    when I asked they said it was an intermediate bank charge from one of the banks in between theirs and mine . I didn't see this fee in the T&C or the cashier page.
    I didn't bother complaining in PAB , I guess I was happy to be cashing out :)

    I wish I had known about the fees and I would have found a cheaper method . UseMyWallet would have been cheaper .
    $66 seems like an awful weird amount to be fees. :eek2:

    volt :cool:

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