WINZ.IO or in Australia WINS.IO fyi


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Oct 14, 2022
Hi all I would like to congratulate you on being a honest, reliable, fair and most of all FUN and good WINS casino. I've spent a fair bit with you and had an issue that could have seen me blocked but once worked through, the verification was simple and fast. The big test was a minor withdrawal I did 4 days ago, via bank wire to Western Australia TODAY IT CLEARED INTO MY ACCOUNT. You have let me get through the learning a new casino, let me be shitty and helped and not helped when I've deserved no help. ILL SAY THIS TO ANYONE READING IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOMETHING ASK IN MESSAGE PRIOR TO SPENDING ANY OF WHAT YOU HAVE DEPOSITED. I'm not a huge customer now but I play to win not so much for fun and IVE NEVER ONCE WHINGED ABOUT MY LOSS AS I MITIGATE MY SPEND. casino thank you and last but not least I have not one much in the last 10 years then I get 13th in the lottery 48.00 aud that's what I turned into the with drawl. so Casinomeister great job on authenticating this casino regards B Mcallan
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