Winward casino software not granting bonuses



In r esponse to the following promotion, I deposited $500 and played over 150 hands at $10 a hand. I was not given the automatic $100 bonus at the $600.00 mark, so beware!

Log into your account at

Click on "Cashier" and make a DEPOSIT.

Please be aware that we have just upgraded our casino
software and the deposit bonus procedure has changed.
The FREE 20% BONUS will be credited to your account
AFTER you have wagered an amount equal to your initial
deposit -- PLUS the 20% Bonus.

For example, if you deposit $500 you would have to make
at least $600 worth of bets ($500 + 20%) before the
FREE $100 bonus would be credited to your account.

Our casino software keeps track of all your wagers,
so the bonus will be automatically credited to your
account as soon as you make enough bets to qualify.

The FREE 20% BONUS promotion expires at Midnight
on Wednesday, so make a deposit NOW!

Winward-- I responded to the same promotion and had no problem. You can look at your current bonus status from the sportsbook, there is a button labeled "review bonus". The promo was only valid for a couple days-- was yours too late?

One possible difference-- my deposit was $499. I have had prior experience elsewhere (not at Winward before, but they just changed software) with confusion over whether a promotion valid for "$100 to $500" means deposits "less than" $500 or "less than or equal to" $500.

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