WINTINGO - unfair $3281 confiscation


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I have been playing occasionaly at several of the Digimedia casinos since I first signed up with Lucky Nugget Casino and River Belle Casino back in 2003 or 2004. They never brought me enough luck to make a withdrawal, so last year I decided to try one of their sister casinos Wintingo Casino, and signed up through Casinomeister.

Today I made my first deposits at Wintingo this year. I deposited $60 twice without a bonus, then one deposit of $200 with the match bonus DM200PM, which I recently received by snailmail along with a nice set of playing cards as a gift from Wintingo.

I then made another deposit with the bonus (it can be used 5 times). So my starting balance after the last deposit was $600, and I played and won on Tarzan amongst other slots, then later blackjack, until my balance was $4055.27. I was unsure whether I had met the play-through requirements, but as I was eligible to withdraw the full amount in the cashier, I gave $3570.00 a try by Neteller. $485.27 was left in the account. I played some more with the funds left, and the balance grew $791.77.

Now suddenly strange things started to happen. My withdrawal got rolled back, so my balance showed $4361.77. I got in touch with the Wintingo chat to ask why the withdrawal request got declined, whether I hadn't met play-through requirements yet or whether it was something else. Meanwhile my balance kept changing. First down to $3961.77, then $375.87 and a few minutes later it was zeroed out, before settling at $1080.56. Jonas at the chat transferred me to Fiona, who said they have sent me an email (which they haven't). Before she shut down the chat session she pasted the email, saying:

Kindly note that we had a system malfunction that removed all wagering requirements on your account and hence allowed you to request your withdrawal. Part of our terms and conditions does state that any malfunctions will void all wins and we will re-credit the balance back to what it was prior to the malfunction occuring. 2.6. In the event of a Casino malfunction all bets are void.
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Kindly note that the time of contact to the casino was 06:49am GMT + 2. The balance at that time was an amount of $1080.57. Your account will be credited with this amount as stated above. We do always try to keep our games and system at optimum peak however these are man made and they all have issues from time to time. We do apologize for any inconveniences caused. If you do wish to discuss this further, you may contact us on live chat or call. Please contact us again, should you have any further queries. Kind Regards Braydon Support Hours Our Support Team is available 24/7 Email:
A malfunction in their play-through calculations does not justify a seizure of $3281.21 from my winnings. This behavior is not in spirit of fair casino operations, and now I wonder: What to do in this situation? :confused:

I barely ever used a bonus before, and when I apply one for a change, I end up in such a mess. All I want to do is play through the requirements in a fair way until I'm able to cash out whatever my winnings will be. :(


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Its not fair they punish me thousands of dollar for a malfunction in their -CASHIER-. Everyone can see this has nothing to do with my edge against the casino. Being eligble for a withdrawal just simply did not give me any sort of advantage.

Is this situation within the audience for PAB's?


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This does not make sense to me. Since your game play is tracked, they can easily see how much wagering and profit/loss you actually have. I dont think its a justified reason to take your winnings just because there was an error that allowed you to withdraw.

All that really should have been done is the wagering fixed and you to continue on.

Seems super shady


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OP I strongly advise you to submit a PAB. Also read all the FAQ's and stop posting until your PAB has been completed and the casino has answered Max back. Good luck. This behavior from the casino is completely unacceptable it is awful that the casino is punishing you for a problem that they had.

EDIT: Wintingo is part of the fortune lounge so you can start out first by contacting their rep here :
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This is the hilarious email I got from the same customer agent that earlier informed me about the $3,281 confiscation:

Hi Morten,

Thank you for contacting the Support Desk.

I am sending you this email with regards to your query about your withdrawal of 3570, I see that today you reversed the amount back into your account and played it down to 1080.

The other information provided to you on chat had nothing to do with the withdrawal.

i hpe this clears out your confusion and may you have a great day further.

Please contact us again, should you have any further queries.

Kind regards

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We promote responsible gaming.
She easily tells me I have played down the money that she close earlier told me they had confiscated!? What kind of awful ruling technique is that to scare me off from claiming my rights?

Nevertheless, I realised I had broken the promotion terms and conditions by placing single blackjack bets in excess of 15 % of the bonus value, so I gave up reinstating the balance as it would probably be forfeited later after audit anyway.

For the record I managed to play through the $16,000 wagering with the remaining $1,082 of the bonus balance, and had $492 released.

It was lost (-wasted-) from aggresive blackjack playing as I wasn't really motivated for dealing with this people anymore anyway. After sending verification documents 7 times since October 2016 without having them approved I just couldn't stand the thought of their waiting games for a small sum withdrawal.

This casino management behaviours scared me from ever depositing with a Digimedia/Fortune Lounge brand again.

Wintingo Casino should be avoided, and especially not accredited!