Casino Complaint Wintingo = bad customer service


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Nov 6, 2016
Wintingos customer service is very disrespectful and they denied me a refund of 3.40 $ I mean you'd think my business would be worth a little more then $3.40 what happend was i made a bet on numerous different games and they had crashed before the spin completed but it had still taking my money I talked to customer service they treated me like an idiot I called them there pit boss pretty much told me I was ripped off with out calling it ripped off I mean yeah it's only $3.40 but I felt it was the point so then they had told me that my connection was bad but I know that's not the issue because my girlfriend was playing on video slots at the same time and I had just left jackpot city prior to this so I had asked for screen shots of the spins because I really just wanted to know what had happend but they denied my request I feel like they have stolen from me I'm very disappointed now when I try to resolve the situation or come to an understandingredient they just leave me wait8ng in live chat and never come back I don't think I'm in the wrong I feel I should be refunded but they insist on being rude and treating me like I have no other option so this is my complaint thank you for your time

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